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Tonight’s live stream

Posted 10 months ago

May Alderson 10 months ago

I'm great had my big 60th today
thanks to everyone for their good wishes x hope you are well x

Margaret Rose Braid 10 months ago

Jim got stuck in a snow drift one minute street was empty next.. six people pushing his car out.... amazing ❤️

Lesley Murrin 10 months ago

Hi janey, I love watching your live posts and your voiceovers. You're cheering this long covid sufferer right up 🤣🤣

Lisa French 10 months ago

Hi a new fan loved the show with joanna Pity wasn't longer. Can you give a shout out to my eastender Tommie Brown love him lots 💚🤍🧡❤❤💗💗

Amanda Urquhart 10 months ago

We had an unofficial day off homeschool. Getting to both of us. Tough week. Disney songs were hilarious.

James McPherson 10 months ago

Love the highland coo analogy. Need to teach my class that (primary teacher btw)

Jade Lynn Smyth 10 months ago

First time catching a live stream cause my kids are buttholes. Thank you for being you ya wee genius.

Linda Webster 10 months ago

Having a hard week. Us poor dog groomers are having such a hard time do please give a shout out to all the dog groomers 🤪

Sheila Penny 10 months ago

Yes it’s been a good week enjoying snow days, blue skies 🌈

Raymond Sexton 10 months ago

Only noticed your show is rescheduled to July! Fingers crossed!! 👍