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Who can relate?...馃槀

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It'll be a hundred and 20 my God Stop it No. No but it was your birthday last month. So I mean that's really nice jacket. Okay. So listen We just much better What can I get for you Hi. I'm a cute What I can't hear you because your back is turned Oh yeah. Okay. I said I want Why do you think she face sweet potatoes supposed to be healthier Okay. Great. I'll get those Hi, what can I get for you I get spinach go. She solid but it's go cheese. I'd like to get a break as well You know I am person what someone's Alright, that will be 1315 Oh no. It works. It works. It works every time. Just swish it I know it's a little beat up I'm gonna have to type it in up Try it again I'm pretty sure I'm gonna type whatever is easier for you You should get a new one I like my card Awesome And here's your change Okay. Thank you Oh and this is for you Thanks Okay, you ready I'm gonna get the She had a couple minutes all I do know I'm I'm ready Well I think that's part of the menu There's a lot there. Do you want some suggestions or yeah. I'm so ready like I'm totally right. I'm gonna go with this It's okay. I I live here so this is fine last year I was here you have that thing that chocolate thing I wasn't a pastry No. No, I was in a pastry. if it was round or you know what maybe it was maybe a square It was edible You know talking about Oh yeah. That thing that Yeah. You know it is cool No I don't then why did you just save with the mac and cheese or okay Okay Okay, so here's your number and we'll bring everything else out to that number great. Thank you

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