Search for Brian Laundrie in Carlton Reserve

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SEARCH FOR BRIAN LAUNDRIE: Divers have been called to the Carlton Preserve in Sarasota County as crews search for Brian Laundrie. MORE:

Posted 3 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Jamie Lynn 3 months ago

I hope when they realize his mother sent them in the wrong direction and putting their own lives in danger she is held accountable

Marie Shelton 3 months ago

Saw a video yesterday where Brian had went live on Instagram for 2 seconds and it showed he was on some body of water in a small boat I believe.

Elizabeth Costa 3 months ago

I find it sketchy that he went there on Tuesday and then his parents went to pick up the car. But reported him missing 3 days later.

Mathew Gunnells 3 months ago

What kills me is his parents aren’t looking for him. They know where he is!!!!

Irma Jane Alvarez 3 months ago

The manpower used for this one case is overwhelming but just the same his parents should foot the bills

Priscilla Williams 3 months ago

Hes not in that areahes hiding near his Parents home start looking up an not down Thats the clue bring dogs out to smell his scent hes at his parents home

Michele Volpe DeLeo 3 months ago

I think his parents are sending police on a wild goose chase. I think he's already in a non-extradition country.

Etorres Towerz 3 months ago

What a waste of money and resources when they could of arrested him when he came back without her

Deborah H. Bell 3 months ago

Should have done your job and kept an eye on him!!!. Police gave him a head start!!

Tina A Joseph 3 months ago

He’s no where in there. He’s long gone with the help of family members.