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The Biscotti Bandit
Alright guys, if you look at the front door, you're gonna see a thief walking. Yeah. That's the deep right there. Now first thing he's gonna do is ask if he can use our microwave. You know he's got some food that he wants to warm up here. Pretty nice and we love when people smell up the whole store with food that they didn't purchase from. So he's gonna go over to the microwave. He's gonna put food in there. He's gonna hit two minutes. He's gonna hit start and he's ready to go now. Obviously you need something to wash down that food with you know it's early in the morning He need some caffeine. So he's gonna grab a medium coffee Cup then he's gonna look at the counter. You know gotta keep a good eye on that cashier. Make sure he's not paying attention to you then he's gonna grab about half a Cup Of dark roast coffee. Yeah, he likes the dark stuff then he's gonna make his way over here to the prep station Gotta sweeten up back coffee so he grabs the sugar He's gonna sprinkle that in there a little bit put it back then he's gonna come over here to the side. He's gonna give his coffee little lift Oh yes. Smells good then he's gonna give himself a squirt of French vanilla doesn't overdo it. Just one will do it comes back over here he decides he wants a moo milk creamer so he's gonna rip it open pour that movement creamer in there and he's gonna throw it out and then he's gonna make his way back over to the cappuccino machine Now he knows exactly what cappuccino he wants. He's gonna hit A button get that stream going before it puts his Cup under there and he's gonna start filling it up. Yeah, he's a mixer. He lacks mixing cappuccino with coffee so he's gonna let it spill all over the place a little bit again before it comes back over to the presentation Now, if you've been paying attention, you've seen that he keeps cleansing up at the cashier when you're thief you gotta make sure the time is right now. Apparently he didn't get enough sugar. So we put another package sugar in there He grabbed a stir stick He gonna mix it all up. You know you gotta make sure all that sugar is dissolved and then he's gonna give himself a little taste test year. So he's gonna get some of that into straw right there You can try it out It's okay Alright oh cashiers busy Perfect time to grab that chocolate biscotti. I've been nine up so he grabs that chocolate biscotti He's gonna stand here just thinking about what he wants to do his coffee next Apparently he wants to sweeten up a little more So we grabbed another bag of domino sugar then he grabs a tea bag. I don't know why he's thinking about putting tea with his coffee and his cappuccino. That's pretty disgusting He puts it back then he grabs another stir stick then you let the tea one more time before he says yeah no that's not gonna taste good He waste another stir stick and then he's gonna mix all that sugar up just stirring up my coffee. Don't pay any attention to me. I'm just a normal We're definitely not a thief her at time to cover this bad boy up. I'm gonna grab Lynn oops accidentally grab two better put one of those back or at cover up and you know what I kind of want some vitamin water. So he's gonna make his way over to the vitamin water cooler. You know you gotta get your daily vitamins so he opens up the door. He's gonna thoroughly look at the selection. He's gonna check out the labels. Make sure he's getting the right vitamins. So he's looking at all the options you know there's triplex in there There's revived there's essential There's refresh There's zero squeeze their zero triple X there's a ton of To choose from but he's gonna land on a yellow one. That's the energy vitamin water. So he's gonna thoroughly look at a little more Yeah. These are the right vitamins I won't. So he's gonna grab another yellow energy vitamin water and he's gonna make his way back over to that prep station near you gotta pay for those vitamin waters that coffee obviously gotta pay for that biscotti right wrong. He's gonna pretend it didn't just look at that camera right there. Yep. He's gonna grab everything that he's gonna slide that biscotti and his pocket boom she go and then he's gonna come over here and he's gonna talk to this guy that just walk in the door. You know you gotta kill some time while you're waiting in line before Pay for the stuff that you decide you wanna pay for So he's standing there and other think about it This guy looks awfully familiar Yup you guys guess it The notorious armpit lifter has returned almost two months later to become the biscotti bandit This is why you gotta watch the morning shift. Sometimes it's really hard to catch salmon that are this slippery So as you've just witnessed that biscotti never left his pocket therefore, it was never paid for so he's gonna go back to that microwave. Pull out that food. We were nice enough to let him warm up and then he's gonna give himself a free squirt of hand sanitizer. He's gonna rub it all over his hands. You know feast love taking advantage of anything that's free so he grabs his food then he's gonna look at the cashier a few more times. You know you gotta make sure that cashier isn't really waiting to come bust you cuz you just stole So he's making his way out. The door is gonna give one more. Look. That's the yeah. I'm good. Look and she go if you This deep let him know that he needs to turn himself into the local authorities so we can properly have them charged with that for stealing a chocolate biscotti and beat up breakfast biscuit

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