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We just found the perfect baking helper 😍♥
By: brcrteo

Posted 8 months ago in Food & Drink

MetDaan Cakes 8 months ago

Huge thanks to brcrteo for this video. Check out their instagram for more videos here:

Frances Bailey 7 months ago

That is lovely, takes me back a few years with my granddaughters happy days xxx

Annette Green Dupras 7 months ago

Omg thank you for this video ..such a sweet child..My Mom did this with me awwww

Daryl Ayers 7 months ago

This little baking helper has spent much time watching momma make bread!!!❤

Ehsan Malek 7 months ago

So adorable and cute. She brought smiles to viewer🥰🥰

Tammy Marsden 7 months ago

She is so adorable. She fits in the kitchen. Good for her learning a skill.

Irene Bartholomai 7 months ago

That was so beautiful my girls and my son loved to help me to cook when thay were little now my granddaughters help me

Rama Putcha 7 months ago

Love those chubby hands and cute face🥰

Sally Mabee 7 months ago

She actually has the technique, so cute lol

Helen Finlayson 7 months ago

So cute! She really knows what she’s doing and she does it well!