Bruce Lee - 🐉🤜🏽💥 Kung Fu Tuesdays Post #64: ‘Some...

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🐉🤜🏽💥 Kung Fu Tuesdays Post #64: ‘Some Philosophy for Martial Artists’

💥 May martial artists be more interested in the root of martial arts and not the...

Posted 6 months ago

Randal Wung 6 months ago

When Bruce asked his buddy Leo Fong, a tough-as-nails fighter with a boxing background, why he was studying everything under the sun including a bunch of kung fu, he told him, “because I’m looking for the ultimate.” Bruce just laughed and said, “Man, there IS no ultimate. Keep your boxing as a base, throw in a little kicking and grappling, you’ll be fine. And always remember, man…” he put his finger on his friend's chest, “the ultimate is in YOU.” Leo, who later became a preacher, said those were some of the most moving and useful words he’d ever heard.

Jimmy Jimenez 6 months ago

No one moves with the power and speed of Bruce Lee... this is why he stands above everyone else in action films. He moves with such unmistakable power that even professional fighters acknowledge that no one can fake what he does...

Russell Marco Jauregui 6 months ago

Relevant to life and martial arts.....

Dwaine No-Yama 6 months ago

The man to actually break the system of the matrix 😆. I love you Bruce

Chico Rzr 6 months ago

Enter the dragon my favorite

Jay Ve 6 months ago

Uhm no Nike should not, I think it would be bad like when they used a Beatles song that had meaning and put it on a commercial just to make money and sell sneakers to promote their company and product

Firas Hamadaniy 5 months ago

The question that always comes to my mind when I see this huge number of pages for my fans and fans of Bruce Lee as they publish clips of his films with symbols of cinema and popcorn.. The question is why are not Bruce Lee films shown again in theaters??? Or do movies have an expiration date? The most important is the box office?

Jay Ve 6 months ago

If you don’t try you won’t learn, if you don’t learn you won’t succeed, you only fail when you give up, believe to achieve

Thir Bahadur Raut 6 months ago

Bruce Lee Martial Art Of The King

Yana Sy 6 months ago

Réel visionnaire,🙏 l'instinct 🔥