Vaccine rollout

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New Zealand has its metaphorical door to freedom. Singapore is leaning on disco. America has presidents and beer, while the UK is calling upon celebrity....

Posted 5 months ago in Social Issues

Shelley Heath 5 months ago

The trouble is that between state and federal responsibilities that vaccine rollout has been so disjointed. I had my first jab last Monday as my gp clinic rang and organised it and it was the first batch of vaccine that had been given.

They had it so well organised with a production line of vaccinations with 2 doctors giving needles so they did not waste any of their allotted vaccines. They also issued appointments for the 2nd vaccination at the same time.

Glad to finally be given the first dose and that the gp was proactive in contacting their eligible patients. Having all these categories of eligibility priority was so confusing.

Susan Fraser 5 months ago

The only campaign our Government have organised is on Fear Uncertainty and Doubt grrrrrr No wonder people are afraid of getting vaccinated

Toni Lendich 5 months ago

There's a campaign here?

David Spicer 5 months ago

well we have such trust in our vaccine , dont we . I am trying really hard to imagine the past several prime ministers we have had . so , running backwards from scotty who couldnt hold a hose to save his life , turnbull , abbott , rudd , gillard , rudd , howard . ok thats enough thats back to noughties , i would trust every single one of those 5 individuals , 2 labor and 3 liberal , to be able to run out a competently run vaccine program . allthough i do admit to imagining abbott , threatening to shirtfront the EU leaders if they tried stopping our vaccines . scotty however makes me think i am going to get a vaccine for tetnus , instead of covid , by mistake , because he couldnt organise a chook raffle.

Allan Russell 5 months ago

The ad campaign for the vaccine was pulled, I showed a young lady pouring a milkshake over a guys head, yeah I didn’t
get it either…….. 😂

Neil Burford 5 months ago

40 million given out to the campaign to tell us how good the government is, 39 million of that given to high end supporters of th Lnp.

Snuff Michael 5 months ago

Who needs a campaign ? Nobody would choose to make a pandemic worse.

Jim Hayhoe 5 months ago

Maybe all those vouchers and 1/2 price tickets the governments have been handing out could have been used as a bit of a carrot.

Sandra Beach 5 months ago

Some great concepts there. Why is ours so 1950’s?

Barbara Tapp 5 months ago

Is there a COVID vaccination campaign in Australia?