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Dumpster Fire馃敟, Now With Added Trolling
London is a correct. It is reported
in the Mueller report on June nineteenth, 2017 You met alone
in the Oval Office with the President I said Is there a book in page where
you can reference me too. Please I don't have a copy of the
report in front of me volume two page 90 But I simply ask you,
Is it correct that As reported in the Mueller report on
June nineteenth 2017 you met alone in the Oval Office with the
President Could you read the exact language of the reports? I
don't have it available to me I don't think I need to do that
and I have limited time Did you meet alone with the President of
that date Congressman. I like you to refresh my memory by providing
a copy of the report so I can follow along Hey you don't have
a copy of it I don't have a copy of the report Congressman chairman.
I request that the clock stop while this is sorted
out I'm sorry Congressman what page
was it Your clock should have been stopped and should remain stunned
page page 90 volume two Okay. Which paragraphs are I don't
have it in front of me I'd like a reference or so I can fall
along and what you're asking Do you not have an independent recollection
of whether you met with the President on that date
Congress. I'm just trying to find in the Mueller report where
it States that well, you have it in front of you. I gave you the
President the page number we're on page 90 is it sir Mister
chairman. You gotta start the clock No, I don't have to start
the clock with his filibuster. Me bottom of page nine filibustering
is a different across the Hall and this is actual questions
being done now chairman point of parliamentary inquiry mister
chairman That's not the gentleman will state his point of
parliamentary inquiry Mister chairman is it appropriate for witness
to refuse to A question instead demand that we reference
and point him to ask that that Mueller report be closed and the
witness be directed to answer the question The answer is not appropriate
but it's on the bottom two lines of that page The walk is part now Point of point
of order When will the clock start Mister chairman Once
the questions I ask mister in the clock, she started under Overview
second line Elementary encouragements chairman The gentleman
of older witness has the time in borders question to witness
a point of order overrides that mister Allen and you know that
it's generally will state. His point of order Point of order
is once the question has been asked in reference properly to the
witness to answer the question, the clock should start
it. Cannot be held while you and your Council go over notes Correct
Gentleman is correct The clock will start and the and the
witness will answer the question without further delay Yes,
I see that in the report thank you during that meeting Did
you tell the special counsel that the President quote ask you
to deliver a message to sessions who was then the Attorney
General of the United States Page 90 I ask you a question sir I'm I'm
looking for that reference on page 90. - one Congressman. Do you
not have an independent recollection? No, I'm looking at
mister Congressman. I'm trying to adhere to the White House's request.
I answer questions that will provide in the Mueller report
only So I'm trying to reference that report directly about
your Keep going Will you a White House
employee at that time No congressman and if did you have
okay you did not hold any position in the government whatsoever.
Did you correct now sitting behind you a counsel for
the White House? Correct That's my understanding You understand
those lawyers actually would work for the President at
the White House I believe that's accurate Nevertheless, the
President's lawyers have told you not to answer any question about
this Committee other than what is already Disclosing the special
council's report is that correct Congressman I have to read
from the letter that the White House provided the Committee.
If that would help clarify Would you like me to do that? Congressman
No. I'd like you to answer the question Have you been
directed to Congressman? I've never spoken to any members of the
White House Council's office then saying hello About 15 seconds
ago you would directed by letter Congressman. I was provided
a letter that I believe this Committee was assigned, it says
as explained below Mister Lewandowski conversation with the
President and with senior advisers to the President are protected
from disclosure by long standing long settled principles
protecting executive branch Financial interest and as a result
the White House is directing mister Lewandowski not to provide
information about such communication information providing
the portion of the report. We'll take that as a yes never Indiana.
The basis for their direction is a claim of executive
privilege. Is that correct I can read again Congressman the answer
is you don't you're not answering the question We've already
established that you were never employed by the White House
or the executive branch. That is correct I have never been employed
by the executive branch Did you ask the White House councils
to be here As I just reiterated I've never spoken to
anyone in the White House Council's office, there's no was
it your idea for you not to answer questions based on a claim
of executive privilege I can reiterate. I didn't ask I've never
had a conversation with someone from the White House Council's
office regarding what's not your so was your idea? Not the
answer. I've never had a conversation with some from the
White House counselor your idea not to answer these questions and
basic executive privilege. Yes or no Congressman. I can only
go by the letter that was provided was not my idea to provide
this letter Not your idea Did you ever suggest to the President
or anyone else that you thought your community With him
were official White House Communications Congress from the
White House is directed. Not I not disclose the substance of any
discussions with the President's advisers to protect
executive branch confidentiality and I recognize
this is not my privilege but I'm respecting the White House's
decision Let me ask you some questions about your relationship
with the President after he assumed office How many times is,
the President asked me to meet him in the White House The
White House is directed not disclose the substance of these
guys Did you meet with the President alone in the White House
in 2017 I don't know the answer to that How many times did
he direct you to deliver a message to a member of his Cabinet
The White House is directed not disclose the substance of any
discussions with the President Did he ever discuss with
you any concerns that he may have committed a criminal offense
The White House is directed, not disclose the substance of any
discussions with the President or his advisers to protect
executive branch confidentiality Alright I recognize
this is not my privilege A point of order pursuant to clause
two J 21 1111 that the gentleman is out of order. He's
exceeded the time limit under the five -minute rule. I will enforce
the time limits under the five minute challenge The very challenge.
The ruling of the chair The chair The ruling of the
chair is challenge all those in favor of overriding The rule
of the chair will say I opposed no No No. Have it real quick Ask
a quick look. Where's the clerk? We can make we can. I mean
this clerk will call the You gotta stop and get your question
One pair of gifts just been feeling Would you stop during
the time Yes mister Nadler

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