President Biden delivers remarks on Israel-Hamas ceasefire

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President Biden delivers remarks on Israel-Hamas ceasefire

Posted 5 months ago in Politics

Bob Taylor 5 months ago

He is much better than the clown you had for 4 years! Worst president of all time by far.

Tom Phillips 5 months ago

Acting President Biden. Report it correctly.

Josh Jett 5 months ago

How did we end up with this bozo😭😭😭😭

Harmonie Miller 5 months ago

Of course he won’t answer questions

Kenny Metzger 5 months ago

Who’s pulling his strings?

Elvin Parker 5 months ago

Your the one who is to blame

Carl Twist Wallen 5 months ago

This idiot can barely read the teleprompter

William Mote 5 months ago

I think the Arab countries and Israel should put aside the violence and go back to good old trade deal war competitions if there are doorways to other realms or planets violence in the Middle East may delay them opening. Since GOD doesn’t like either of the kids killing on his holy lands.

Stephen Austen 5 months ago

Yawn.... I’m out... there’s a special on the Food Network on “Watching Ice Melt”.

Sheri Thomson 5 months ago

Cult45 is here making ignorant comments like President Biden reads the local news FB page.