Goalcast - He did not see this coming... 五 True stories...

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He did not see this coming... 五

True stories from Mohammed Qahtani and Ian Humphrey, Motivational Speaker

Aretha Correia Grassi
Aretha Correia Grassi4 months ago

As a Young kid I remember waiting for my dad to pick us up, we sat on the steps all dressed up in our Sunday best from 8 in the morning to 12 at night just waiting, he never came! The most important thing you can give your kids is your time.

Anita Lawrence
Anita Lawrence4 months ago

Till this day ,it bothers me when people don't keep their word. So, I never trust when they say I will be there. On the other hand, I make sure I am of my word. Because of so many broken promises.

Thomas Holmes
Thomas Holmes4 months ago

Sounds like .me when I was raising my children. I wasn't there for them and it isn't the road.to follow if I could just start over that's all I can do at this point in my life because the DAMAGE IS HARD TO LIVE WITH

Ibtihaj Crespo
Ibtihaj Crespo4 months ago

I used to teach college students. My daughter then was like 8 years old. When i get home, i have to prepare my lessons and activities for the next day. When my daughter approached me to teach her with her assisgnments, i told her to ask her father to teach her. Then she asked me, why can i teach other students at the university and why cant i teach her? That really hit me. As parents, we only knew that whem we provide to the family, its already enough. What we dont know is that there is more than financial support. Our children needs constant guidance and care that money cant give. From that moment, after learning from that simple words of my daughter, I made sure that she got twice attention that she deserves.

Cassondra Stubbs
Cassondra Stubbs4 months ago

This ..... All true. My young adult son has told me many times throughout his life, "Mom, the one thing I've learned from my (absent in all ways) dad, was to never count on anything anyone says and you'll never be disappointed."

Trina W Savage
Trina W Savage4 months ago

The real problem with custody rights issues are people have children without understanding the blessing children are.

Cynthia B Smith
Cynthia B Smith4 months ago

This was very inspirational. I PROMISE I'll share this.

Kathleen Hatton
Kathleen Hatton4 months ago

To many of us has gone through this so do all you can to stop the cycle i did and still do

Diane Wortman Salsi
Diane Wortman Salsi4 months ago

If I promise to my children and grandchildren I keep it no matter what.

Marciaj Vassell
Marciaj Vassell4 months ago

I agree, treat your children as if they matter.