Moon River

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Summer Romance 🧜‍♀️💕

Posted 3 months ago in Music & Audio

Jennifer Casdia 3 months ago

This song reminds me of my dad he use to whistle this song all the time when I was a little girl so today when I seen this it's a hello from dad up in heaven

Mareea Hauser 3 months ago

Beautiful music Moonriver.You play the cello with so much passion.

Marilyn Holland 3 months ago

So beautiful!! Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the name of this movie, where I first heard this song.

Linda Gage 3 months ago

That’s just the sweetest thing ever . Love the chemistry between you two, the scenery is stunning and that cello is my favorite. Thank you for these wonderful little videos. Certainly adds joy to our lives . Wish you all the joy in the world as well !

Estelle Luna 3 months ago

Hauser thank you this is my favorite song especially because my last name is Luna which means Moon
All your music is amazing🎶🎵🎼🎻🌹💞

Dorina Deli-Fenyvesi 3 months ago

I like your music,♥️but the mermaid is too much :D 😊

Jennifer Brown 3 months ago

SHEER NOSTALGIA !! Moon River is such a classic song and so Soothing to the ear. It gives you so much of inner peace romance and fills your ❤️ with love . The setting is romantic.Sheer Bliss .One of my Favourite Songs that I can drift down memory lane of my life .Kudos to the Super Maestro. Luv you to the moon and beyond,,💚❤️💛❤️💚🧡

Janina Jun 3 months ago

Who can ask for more .. beautiful environment, beautiful music, truly amazing romantic melody, great transmission from our only beautiful cellist .. you give your flair and style to every piece of music played and created. magical .... beautiful 🙂

Florence Ellis 3 months ago

Beautiful as ever and I was able to sing along too.
Thank you so much, your music has made a dreary rainy day so much brighter.

Dee Anne Bailey-Childress 3 months ago

Serenely beautiful. Soothes the soul. You love your cello & music and it shines through whether gently, subtly or playful or strong ! Thank you for sharing your gift with us.