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Ashes in the brittle air - 2CD/LP 30th anniversary expanded edition

Check out the Kickstarter for the remastered expanded edition of 1989's Ashes in the brittle air. The remastering sounds amazing! Oscar and Sue’s vocals are much more present, you can hear elements in the music once lost in the reverb — yet it retains that dreamy, romantic quality I remember from the 80’s.

( When I say "here" in the video, I mean: )

Your pledges are the lifeblood that funds this release. Every contribution is important — whether you give $3 or $299! Kickstarter is all or nothing; we need to pass the $9000 goal for the campaign to succeed.

The album is available as an immediate free download at Bandcamp.

The 2CD and digital version include 21 bonus tracks. People often email me and mention that Ashes was the first time they heard my band. I love reading those stories of your emotional and personal connection to these tracks and those times; how the music was there for you during a crisis, or break up, or loss. I’m really happy that I can give you 6 additional never-before-heard songs from the era. The bonus tracks are a time capsule of that specific 80s lush, ethereal BlackTape sound.

I cannot go back to 1989 to write more pieces like I would have written them then. However I can bring these songs out of obscurity, pulling them off the 8-track multi-track tape for you!

If you can spare it, please visit the Kickstarter crowdfunding page and make a pledge. Thanks so much.