Can Du'aa Change our Destiny? - Dr Zakir Naik

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Can Du'aa Change our Destiny? - Dr Zakir Naik

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Posted 6 months ago in Religion & Spirituality

Ganeshwara Rao Devadoo 6 months ago

Accepting something, in this case, a person who claims that he/she believes in Quran as the word of God, is his/her believe. Similar, goes for for the rest, they have their own sets of believes. When you observe Zakir Naik’s talks, one of the most common word used is “believe”.
We all need to understand believing does not meet seeing. It’s a set of assumptions that the believers choose to follow and slowly with the capability of the technology, it’s getting proven via science.
Comparative religion that Zakir always talk about is comparison of data that are in written form. His believe of the data accuracy and interpretations is limited to his sets of believe. Hence, talking about one religion is complete and the rest has gaps, is his set of believe to prove his belief is correct. This is a basic human attribute to safeguard their believes. That’s the reason people of other faith gets agitated with Zakir for disproving others religion.
Experiencing a religion is not merely reading text. Reading is merely to acquiring knowledge. The question that we are dealing in the spiritual world is not about merely acquiring knowledge in the text, is also about seeking and uplifting the divine souls in us.
So, all faiths are different in nature:
1) Islam - Practicing what’s been mentioned in the Quran with great faith
2) Christianity - Practicing their faith and their believes based on the bible that they have been preached and thought.
3) Buddhism & Hinduism - Gaining the knowledge by reading and followed by seeking for the truth.
4) and etc.

When they are different part to divinity as “believed” by humans of different faith. We should respect their believes. We can’t say one is better than the other, or one is the only right way, or that’s the perfect scripture, etc. Because you will always incline to what you believe as we never lived in that era to know what the truth.

So, Zakir who claims to be a comparative religion and trying to debate with scholars and to prove his believe is perfect, is actually nothing but preaching his religion.

In all honestly, there is no end to a debate that relates to religion because it is a set of believe. Not even one person has experience (i am not taking about merely reading text) all the religion to have the right to undermine or say less about the other.

So, Zakir in the name of his religion, is not spreading love between religion. In simple he is not creating an environment of unity but supremacy and he only does it on his own created stage to fulfil his desire. A truly spiritual person, never get into all this sort of forum. Why? Because you are arguing with people on their believes or trying to brainwash them.

Hence, Zakir need to focus his great knowledge on Islam to guide those Islam followers to a greater height. Stop your comparative religion as what you know is just tiny and what you don’t know is vast as an ocean. We don’t debate or hear a person who talks from his reading.

None of us know that by following this or that religion will bring us to heaven. Whether the existence of heaven and hell been questions. Because all of those that are beyond over comprehension (which you can’t gain by just reading) and it’s just a sets of believe.
We will be a beautiful world if we respect all religion and encourage them all to follow their believes. Religion is something personal. You are merely a human who is just seeking and/or believing.

Zakir I hope you got this message. I’m not angry with you but It’s just my 2 cent for the peace in this world.

P/s - believing is a set of assumptions too. Always remember that. God bless

Faras Khan 6 months ago

Its a equipment to cherish God .with out this your worship incomplete either which graph level you conduct Infront of God Courtier as This thing play a vital role .very important.

Hindi poetry :

Hazrat imam Alee is Namona e E-badat...

K KHAN e Qaba may wiladat- Masajid may SHAHADAT.

Hindi poetry brouhgt to you by Aligarh.

Ayesha Bibi Achmat 6 months ago

Dua is power full.and Faith is its companion.💟

Muhammad Ruzaiman 6 months ago

Subhanallah each and everytime I watched you recites all those references shivers me. Allah truly washed your hearts so you can quote it correctly everytime.

Alhamdulillah for all His endless blessings and prayed for more of your deeds in our ummah.. Aamin..

Kemo Cisse 6 months ago

Behind duaa', there's something, and that's the willingness of the All Mighty ALLAH, duaa' just can change destiny if ALLAH SWT wills! Don't forget seeking ALLAH's willingness in your duaa'. Thank you

Mariam Rima 6 months ago

Yeah Sir, Du'aa can change our destiny...And I intensely believe this...

Dr-Salman Tariq 6 months ago

Parents dua will change ur destiny

Choayb G. Ghomrasni 6 months ago

I'm muslim but let me say this, Dua won't change nothing unless you change your actions and habits to good ones! Peace 🕊✌

Syahdatul Keisya Putri 6 months ago

yes sir.. prayer can change destiny.. sometimes it's hard to believe.. but it is a miracle.. where Allah gave us a chance to fix..first chance..second chance.. third chance and so on.. Allah is the best planner

Suliman Faizi 6 months ago

Only doing Dua may never change our destiny but follow all the commandments of Allah and continue doing good deeds will for sure