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Advice on how to deal with conflict, from a Relationship Expert.
With venom in his eyes and he says, I hate you. I'm one months pregnant and I'm having the biggest fight of my life with my husband and we are in it. It's been going for an hour. He is livid. I am terrified and then he looks at me from across the room with venom in his eyes and he says, I hate you. And my heart stops and I'm convinced this is over. But I learned something that day I learned that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference love is not just full of happy, soothing empowered emotions. Love is full of dark, difficult, heartbreaking emotions and if you wanna feel the game of true love, you have to be willing to open yourself to the full range of human experience and when your heart can hold that level of intensity, then you are available to true love and then you can hold that intensity from your partner and their emotions become safer. So there I am in the Middle of this epic battle with my husband, my baby in my belly and I'm convinced this at the end of the relationship. He looks at me and I start to crumble and he walks towards me and he says it to my face. I do hate you, but I love you more than I hate you. And I could feel in that moment that it was true, but we've been fighting for hours over an issue that has no real resolution and I was heartbroken and hopeless and I looked into his eyes and I said I just don't know how we're ever gonna get through this. I'm hopeless. I'm in despair and he looked at me and he saw often and he said, I know I don't know how we're gonna get through this. I'm in despair too, but maybe he said. Maybe we could just hold each other in that despair and the impact despair together we realize that our love and our desire to stand for the us was bigger than that issue bigger than that feeling and I learned that in in love when you have the capacity to feel every single emotion, even the most terrifying like the end of the relationship that anything is possible and you can find each other. The heart is a muscle and as we all know, every muscle in order to build it has to rip pesticide has to break the more you are. To feel and let your heart break the bigger your heart becomes the wider its capacity strength and its ability to hold love and every little rip in your heart is a conflict. A lot of people think conflict is not what should happen when you're in love. They should be so difficult. This must mean you're not right for each other. Well let me tell you something as someone who's behind the scenes of conflict conflict is absolutely normal and integral and important for our relationship to thrive the most powerful in love couples I've ever met fight more in the first two. Than anyone else, I know why because they're two different people from two different worlds, different beliefs systems, a fight an argument is always a misunderstanding. It's item for love. I don't care. I don't feel honored right now. Love is the easiest and the hardest thing you're ever gonna do with your heart love. It doesn't take a lot. It takes everything. Believe in love as if your greatness depends on it. Because it does.

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