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Underrated Film 'The Wrath of Cain' best scenes of Nipsey Hussle!
Oh I'm just gonna come right out and say your son Ricky just got processed in Are you been son I don't some nigga Sen Look all I she is not gonna work with me man. What's up? Look we on my church We played by my room. Fuck your Ross nigga Oh you gangster what you're doing it Unless you fuck you fuck your rose show is wanna talk like fuck that shit That's your explanation I really got time for this shit man. No, you got in here is time And look what the fuck do you want for me Life is about choices I hope you choose to forgive I heard what you did for me home Check this out man I don't need you to save me my nigga. I had my own issues. Alright you must son not going to let nothing happen to you whether you like it or not what nigga you reason my mama dead in the first place man the fuck is you talking about Don't speak up on a fucking. You better be involved in that type of life anyway Challenge Fake Bonnie and Clyde type shit News flash nigga They got together and you still alive but she's still dead and you killed That's what I thought you don't know me motherfucker Is it I need to talk to you I'm not talking to you nigga Hey Who the hell do you think you're talking to man? It's between me and my pops nigga shaken shut your mouth. You might learn something from this nigga on your smarter Definitely not done with this clown You're so smart ended up in here shooting here too Yeah And he was a fucking asshole in too but at least now he's got experience on his side Amen I'm about half to signs and 90 percent of the inmates here but I guarantee you I am the last person you want to piss off Ricky you need shut up Cannot be met along song. Please I'll be right outside When you want me to point my nigga I don't fuck with you. You don't mean shit to me I know that I know I ain't shit I know I don't mean shit to you. I got the point Why you keep trying to talk to me Cuz I ain't gonna be here much longer. That's why You wanna get Trina far son Transfer shit. Good. I mean I gotta deal with your motherfucking ass. No more What I send you too. Anyway And their brain cancer One I got brain cancer Are you telling me this man You want some sympathy for me? Someone nigga want no sympathy We father son my last days on this planet I thought we could have a regular ass conversation I said all that shit bro You being dead too and all that she is really cool. I was did tee that wasn't there for you I was dead to myself I was dead to my family You right I deserve that God works in mysterious ways I was a cancer to my family so God bless me with cancer That's how God works You gonna get back? What you give up Now what you do We'll give you anything If you are from your heart you gotta do to sit from your heart You bang from your heart You gotta repent from your heart No man he won't forgive you for shit Not some man. Is you make one mistake on this fucking planet and man is going to lock you up for life You feel me Yeah Son No, I ain't gonna say I know what love is I don't know if I ever loved anybody I feel something in my heart for you I know bitch nigga ain't gonna love you I'm just gonna say I feel something in my heart for you And let you up to Yeah One gave me my one hour Oh hey with you had to bring along company That's right We bad Yeah click for a little while and the pain goes away But they say like how much longer Long enough Look song I want you to promise me felt You do your time here and you promise me you won't comeback when you help someone not coming Fuck up the cycle

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