Actor/Musician Gary Sinise Gets A Surprise Video Thanking Him For His Four Decades Of Supporting Our Service Men And Women, And Their Families | Facebook 466K Views
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WATCH: Actor Gary Sinise react to getting a surprise video thanking him for his four decades of fighting for and supporting active duty service men and...
Gary what am I doing Take a seat Jenna Rand has the surprise for you and he wanted to be here to show it to you but we promise and we will get your reaction Hi, Gary, Jay Leno Just wanna say thanks for all you do for the men and women of the armed forces You know every time I go to the USO show visit Troops. It was good Hey Jay Leno Dilan You know it's here Grey Sinise Oh it's like he's been here three times This is your first time Yeah. It's just my yeah Free time brought us a much stuff too Oh you're commitment your dedication your effort You are awesome You are greatly appreciated Coast to Coast in the US and face-to-face across Thank you for all the things you have done for our young men and women who have served our nation not only for what you've done for them but what you've done for their children. What you've done for the families what you've done to help them rebuild their lives It's really heartwarming and so incredibly meaningful all of the amazing things that you do You motivate other people You are making such a difference. I call you an architect of change You've touched millions millions You set the bar more than anything. Thank you for everything that you do for our warriors Men and women all over the world he was in the air Force. I was in the Navy and we have two great friends together We're able to survivors getting whatever magic growing up watching your movies that you would be the hero to the heroes this country Thank you for everything you've done for the work that your foundation has done especially with the Snowball Express will remain a meaningful part of these young people's lives forever You're doing the right thing because you truly care for us and that means so much to me and What else in this gold star community is a proud military brat That's my daddy I wanna say thank you Thank you I just wanna thank you for everything that you do and we're Super excited about you and Lieutenant Dan Band coming out your decades of service have shown us how to serve our country and our veterans It's coming to you live from Mikasa which is a Casa as you can see we're in front of this beautiful House right now and and we wouldn't have it had it not been for your kindness your graciousness and your wonderful gift Giving you and your foundation helped me and my family recover from the devastating Tubbs fire Not only me and my family but also hundreds of other firefighters on behalf of everyone from friends of firefighters We wanna thank you for everything that you do and we are sending you lots of love Thank you from all over here. A ladder 101 on behalf of Cotton Fire Department and all the first responder Jeep supported we here in Boston Say thank you Thank you Congratulations on all of your incredible work I'm talking very fast because you are a lot of people to get to just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much you're appreciated by me and thousands of other people It is an honor to be able to express our thanks to you Thank you so much You are an inspiration and a hero or I just wanna join everybody in in in saying thank you Thank you Thank you You are the real deal Thank you for one grateful American to another I'm grateful for you We love you You're my hero You changed people's lives in ways that I'm sure you will never know Obviously I got to do a lot more to catch up in here. I see this You're the man Thanks Lieutenant Dan Holy crap When they do that it doesn't make you feel I'm Chuck I'm joined me in shock Who didn't get that Robin got all those people The Jack you have impacted a lot of lives and they all just wanted to say that they're grateful for you It makes me feel really good Thank you Alright let's go Hey Are you kidding Oh my God Thank you everybody

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