- Shooting in Otara, South Auckland #FOCUSLIVE 148.4K Views
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Shooting in Otara, South Auckland

Everyone will here with us live in Billington at an altar where we can tell you about Three PM today a shooting went down on this property behind me there now what we know this as so far, I should say by police is that a man has been transported to hospital in critical condition with a leg word. We spoke some of the neighbors around here. They said there was a family living inside that House behind me how we've the child they they believe Youngsters, the children of that family may have had gang affiliation so as I say not too many details at this point, we're in Burlington Ave here in where it appears at this point, a gang saw shooting has gone down one percent critical with a leg injury transferred to hospital about 10 police cars here on the scene bringing throughout the euro dot com We'll have developments here obviously also on Facebook live

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