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A Huntly whānau woke up to several police in the early hours of this morning. Sheryl Matenga maintains that her whānau home was wrongfully raided by...
A Huntly whanau woke up
to police in the early hours this morning. Sheryl Matenga maintains
that her whanau home was wrongfully raided by police, but police say
the pre-planned search warrant was related to a personre
seeking over serious offending in the community. Te Okiwa McLean with this report. They were woken by what
they describe as a scary situation. The Matenga family say their sleep was disturbed
this morning when their Huntly home
was raided by police. Around 5 am this morning
these properties were subject to a police search. They were seeking to a person
in relation to a serious offence but they did not find the person. Police weren't available to comment
on camera but they sent through
a statement advising; Sheryl and her partner say they've been working alongside
police in the region to improve their relationship
with locals. They led the anti-p march here
in Huntly last year. The whanau are now going
to reach out to a lawyer to seek legal advice. If legal action in court is needed,
they say so be it! Te Okiwa McLean, Te Karere.

Posted 10 months ago in Crime & Tragedy.