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Detroit American we stand Down Thank you Thank you everybody. Thank you and vice President Mike Pence. Thank you very much Incredible And hello to Fayetteville It's great to be here in North Carolina's Ninth Congressional District with the Hard-working Patriots who believe in faith family God and country Thank you Thank you Tomorrow, you will head to the polls to elect a congressman who always puts America first Dan Bishop I've just come from a meeting with North Carolina officials representing communities hit by Hurricane Dorian and I express the unwavering solidarity of the American people We are behind you 100 percent hundred The prayers of our entire nation are with the citizens of North Carolina South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and everyone else that was in the storms path and I will say I was called by the Government of the Bahamas and we're helping with the Bahamas. They were hit so hard They were hit so hard who would believe it We pledge the full support of the federal government through every step of the rebuilding process and I will say North Carolina in our country probably got hit the hardest that was a little bit of a surprise but I know one thing about North Carolina. You can take it and you'll build it quickly and you'll build it beautiful and you'll be back sooner than anybody ever thought and it will be better than ever right No doubt about it I also wanna give a special recognition to the many Non-governmental organizations doing so much to help people recover from Dorian in particular, Franklin Graham He's a wonderful guy And he's got an Organization Samaritans first based right here in North Carolina and the work that Franklin is his family and all of those that are with Franklin Graham. We wanna thank them special great people great people Thank you Franklin Thank you incredible job He does such a great job all over wherever there's a problem. You see Samaritans person Franklin and his people We love the people of State and we will never ever leave your side North Carolina will truly recover so fast I know you people so well let's not even talk about it Let's not even talk about it We're here tonight to discuss the extraordinary progress we're making as a nation and how to ensure this amazing resurgence keeps on going and going strong In just over two years we've taken this big beautiful ship and it's being turned around very quickly Nobody thought this would happen You know, we won the greatest election certainly one of them but maybe the greatest but we won One of the greatest let's say one this way. I won't be criticized. They'll say you know George Washington had a great election to the fake news right the factors But we won one of the greatest selections in history and because of that and you would be in big trouble. If we did I can tell you that you'd be instead of going up. We were heading in the wrong direction We have the number one economy anywhere in the world And every time I meet a foreign leader almost every time they say congratulations on what you've done with the economy. I said, I didn't do it I just said a certain path The people of the United States did it number one anywhere in the world And they try to do the recession thing. You know, they tried the Russia thing that didn't work They tried many other things. I always say the media and their partner The Democrats I wouldn't mind fighting the Democrats but we really have to look at it to some. It's the media and the Democrats. It's one and the same We're rebuilding our military, defending our sovereignty and reclaiming our dignity as a nation America is winning again and America is respected again they respect America By the way I have about like 10 women in the front row and you come from North Carolina and they travel all over the place Hold up your hands. He's a great woman I see them so much And I must say they have other things to do they look rich as hell to me I don't know How many is this How many rallies have you come to I can't count they said all of them except for two That's a lot of rallies and it all emanates from this area. That's so great Well at least you won't have to travel so far for this one right Thank you very much for being here. We really appreciate it Well, we appreciate it We appreciate it Thank you really incredible people but you know we've created Six million new jobs since Election Day and I couldn't say that in my initial rallies cuz nobody would have believed that six million new jobs more Americans are working today than ever before in the history of our country Almost 160 million Americans nobody would have thought that was possible We wouldn't have been able to say it Actually we've now had 13 straight months of wage gains of at least three percent so that people that work so hard. You remember I used to say during the rallies before we won People worked two jobs, three jobs and they made less money than they made 20 - one years before and now wages are going up. The economy is doing great and jobs have never So importantly more than seven million Americans have been lifted off of food stamps Nearly 600000 Americans entered the Labor Force last month alone Think of that And the unemployment rate for African-Americans just reached another brand-new yesterday all-time low in the history of our country How do you lose that debate Remember I used to say what do you have to lose Now you have the best unemployment, numbers employment and unemployment numbers that you've ever had as African-Americans as Asian Americans as Hispanic Americans The best numbers we've ever had and by the way African American youth unemployment has also reached the lowest level ever recorded in history And the Labor Force participation rate for women is at the highest level now in 15 years and soon will be 30 - five years and soon I promise we'll probably end up being better than ever. I can tell you the unemployment numbers for women are the best they've been now in So I always say kiddingly I'm sorry. I didn't make it historic but you know what it's gonna be historic very soon It will be history cars And here in North Carolina over 230000, more people now have jobs and small business formation has skyrocketed by more than 20 - But the radical Democrats who wanted to dismantle demolish and destroy everything that you've gained and they will do it and it won't take that long And that's why we need Dan Bishop and Greg Murphy. We need them We need them going down to Congress and helping but they can do it It's also why we need four more years It has to see this like a plant We've changed things right Keep America great We've changed things but it's gonna grow. It's got a develop those roots and once it does, it's gonna be very hard for them to destroy what we've done very hard And that's really why I consider this election Look we had a very very special day in 2016 It was a very special time Very special It's an incredible day and incredible month an incredible year and I don't know that you can ever compare anything to it but I can say this 2020 is essentially just as important because they'll try and take it away Whether it has to do with religion are Evangelicals are here tonight and they're all over the floor And what we've done for them and for religion is so important You know the other side I don't think they're big. Believers are not big believers in religion that I can tell you you listen to some of em They're trying They're trying to put out. Little statements are not working too well Those statements are a little bit sort of not too good huh What is the word we wanna use a little Now They're pushing a little hard and it's not it's not working to stop the far left You must vote in tomorrow's special election so important or get your votes in early I think a lot of who voted early for Danville good. Well that's good but the big thing is tomorrow Tomorrow is the election and you get out to protect your family You must defeat open borders and you have a Democrat named Dan McCready and He wants open borders He wants sanctuary cities. He's not gonna protect your second amendment He's doing nothing on your second You know North Carolina is a very big second Amendment site And Dan Bishop Greg Murphy. These guys They gonna protect your second amendment One of the biggest issues in this election is in fact sanctuary cities the queen support sanctuary city policies that forced prisons and jails to release criminal aliens directly into your neighborhoods. Get out. Go ahead Go into the neighborhood Go into what's your neighborhood Where do you live What Rutherford County Okay So how do you feel about that Release hardened horrible criminals in the Rutherford County I don't think so But your whole state is honestly Can I be honest It's crazy. What's happening This whole thing with sanctuary Cities and you go to California which is so many sanctuary cities They don't know what's happening out there You have people that wanna get rid of those sanctuary cities They just aren't able to do it with the people that get elected a lot of illegal voting going on out there by the way a lot of illegal voting in August Creating said it was quote the right call to set a legal alien criminals loose in the great state I'm using the words great state He doesn't of North Carolina with the support and encouragement of McCredy sanctuary jurisdictions in North Carolina have released thousands of dangerous criminal aliens into your communities and you see it You see it The charges against these free criminals include sexual assault robbery drug crimes kidnapping and homicide murder Why would you do it Why would you do it What is it Explain it just recently Mecklenburg County set free and illegal alien charged with first Hello North Carolina Hello Fayetteville Hello Night District of North Carolina Mister President We're not tired of winning We wanna keep on winning And tomorrow Tuesday, September 10 2019 we're going to win the ninth District of North Carolina We've all watched as the Democratic Party The Socialist Democrat Party Seeks the president's destruction everyday We've seen a dishonest media Serve as their hand maidens and their allies in that mission Watch as the greatest fighter ever to occupy the White House has pushed him off Mister President You don't need mister President You don't need North Carolina The ninth district You got someone Alright Got someone who headed over here Give him some space A doctor in the House. Flash doctor please Doctor in the House. Thank you Take your time. Please take your time Leave plenty of time Thank you Thank you John Doctor take your time People have been staying outside for two days to get in so this happens Thank you Thank you Doctor Whoa Doing better Good That's good That's good That's great It's really great. Thank you Thank you sir Thank you That's really great Thank you very much I guess Dan's speech wasn't so good That's great Thank you very much Great job Thank you doctor. Thank you everybody Thank you law enforcement Thank you very much Thank you mister President Thank you ladies and gentlemen I trust that person will be okay Let's all say a prayer for that person Thanks for their life Yeah Because that's what we do We pray And I share your values I'm not ashamed of your values. I'm going to defend your values in Washington DC As this great fighter faces all those long odds the Socialist Democrats the fake media The last thing he needs is for the ninth district to send him another Nancy Pelosi Club President Trump needs nobody else in Washington, who supports sanctuary cities and counties here in North Carolina or anywhere else What's going to happen tomorrow on Tuesday, September 10 is the ninth district is going to send the congressman with backbone who can stand up to the smears and the lives of the lying, fake news media and support the President of the United States as he keeps America great And what I need you to do ladies and gentlemen tomorrow I need you to vote I need you to vote But that's not all I need you to vote but beyond that Take a lesson from President Donald J Trump don't rely on them to get our message out Take out your phone Go to vote Dan Bishop dot com I'm gonna repeat that go to vote Dan Bishop dot com and right there at the top of the website You're going to see a video featuring the President of the United States telling you to vote for right Dan not wrong Dan And right below that video that little frame you're gonna see a button three buttons to share that video And you don't have to rely on that news media You can use those buttons and send that out to all of your friends on Facebook on Twitter on Email So they'll know that President Trump can have a fighter for the values of the ninth district in Washington, DC Tomorrow's our chance Let's tell em let's show em go out and vote for right Dan. Vote for Dan Bishop tomorrow, September tenth Thank you ladies and gentlemen Thank you President Trump Thank you Dan It was a good job That was a good job He means it too It's great Get out and vote tomorrow for Dan Bishop please So we've had great support over the last six months in particular from a man who happens to be your senator right now and we need him to keep going cuz he has been fantastic and I believe he's here tonight. I just came in the weather wasn't so great to be travelling today they said, maybe we could North Carolina today, sir I said no. Thank you I said no. Thank you Can you imagine and by the way I have to say we have a big crowd in here right You have to see outside thousands and thousands of people couldn't get in And when people wait two or three days to come in and especially these first rows I just wanna tell you we really thank you credible But Tom Tillis is really worked with us over the last period of time. He's recently introduced a bill to give American victims the right to sue Sanctuary cities. That's a big deal and hold them accountable for the lives that they've shattered but to pass the bill we need more Republicans tomorrow there Another crucial special election and we have a fantastic guy running in that 12 Republican Greg Murphy. He looks like he's in good shape but you've gotta get out So I wanna introduce Tom Tillis and I wanna introduce Greg Murphy and I wanna thank you both Thank you Thank you Tom and thank you Greg So Greg Murphy is looking to like cut your taxes. Defend your second amendment support our policies really really support our military and our veterans. We have rebuilt our military Greg Murphy come on up for a second here. Greg Murphy Come up Come up Greg Upgrade Come on up Brad just for a second that will get back to business You gotta do this and I don't know he's been a great champ. Thank you Greg Come Thank you mister President Hello Fayetteville Hello Fayetteville It is a pleasure to be amongst people who believe in God country and family Our Democrats have given up on God. They pushed it away from our country They wanna give our country away and they wanna destroy the nuclear family We have a President a bold man who has brought those three principles back to our faith and to our country We need to come out and support him So I asked you tomorrow tomorrow please it was actually good for me to see that actually few of you have already voted because every single Of you needs to show up tomorrow and support Dan Bishop as your next congressman or actually me if I will be your next congressman we are here to serve you We are here to help our President and we are here to keep America great God bless you all Good luck tomorrow, Greg get out there and vote for those two guys a terrific We're thrilled to be joined tonight by many more terrific Republican leaders A man who's really been stepping up to the front He defended Justice Kavanaugh when he was treated so badly, I've never seen anything like the treatment that Justice Kavanaugh received And everybody respects him and everybody likes him and I like him when we used to fight like hell right But we don't fight anymore We like each other a lot and he's a special man and he's become a special friend Senator Lindsey Graham Another man who's a fighter I guess we're all fighters. You have to be a fighter. You're not gonna be here very long. I can tell you that we gotta fight them more than anybody else But a man who's done an incredible job in Washington took over a rough situation and he's become the real leader He is a leader like you haven't seen and that's Republican leader Kevin McCarthy Kevin Kevin is working so hard for so many different people He wants to see Dan and Greg Win so badly. Thank you for being here Appreciate it later Representative David Rosen David Thank you David Rosen He's done a fantastic job Our lieutenant governor who is going to be I think a highly competitive candidate for a very important race Dan Forest. Thank you Dan Thank you very much Dan We also have North Carolina Republican Party chair Michael Watley. What a job history And we have a man from North Carolina who loves his state He fights so hard He doesn't know what it is not to fight You know I'm talking about Yeah They got it Mark They're all screaming Mark Meadows. That's right He's great so many. Jim Jordan Andy Biggs I just got some by the way. Devin Nunez How about Devon He was out there when it wasn't involved to be saying that Comey was a stone cold liar and leaker but he knew a long time Devin Nunez But Mark Meadows has been incredible and do they love him in your state Do they love who they love Mark Meadows Thank you Mark Also a friend of mine has been with us from the beginning. He's not a politician, but he might as well be one He loves us. He loves this party and he loves your state Lives here Lewis Del Joy one of the most successful people Thank you Lewis and your wife is Doing a great job and a very special thanks to my son Don Junior and Kimberly Great job The Don Junior give a good speech I heard that they all said he was on fire while he's fighting, he loves his country My son loves his country. My family loves his country And you know two people from your state that the first lady before she was first lady she said. You know there are two people that are unbelievable You gotta watch him I said I'm not interested I'm too busy No No No you have to watch him I've never seen this so great They're so smart They love the country. They love you Diamond and self They are incredible incredible people. Thank you very much. Thank you what a job and they're doing very well I have to tell you that our shared Republican agenda is Pro-worker Pro jobs pro family pro growth and 100 percent pro American And by the way so is Doug Collins and so is John Ratcliff Thank you fellas Thank you Incredible fighters and also for decades our leaders put global interests and special interests ahead of your interest. You know that better than anybody in this state knows it better than anybody they traded away your factory sold your future squandered your tax dollars sacrifice your security and bogged this down in one foreign tobacco after another but all of that is change. We're respected again They're all saying OG I hope he doesn't do this or that they've taken advantage of us for years I have to say sadly in many cases it's our allies that took the greatest advantage of this country Now you finally have a President who understands that I'm not supposed to be the President of the world I'm supposed to be the President of the United States of America To bring back our jobs from other countries we passed the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in American history We've cut a record number of job killing regulations No President No matter how long they serve Has gotten anywhere even close to what we've done with regulations and that's one of the reasons our economy is so good and we have tremendous potential upward and China wants to talk They wanna talk China's lost three million jobs. Thousands of companies are leaving China The supply chain is crumbling because they can't pay the tariffs in our country has taken over things that I've never thought as an example hundreds of billions of dollars have been in our coming into our country in the form of tariffs and China's eating the cost which the fake news doesn't wanna tell you And out of the tens of billions of dollars that we've taken in because of the fact that our great American patriot farmers have been targeted by China They've been targeted because they know the farmers like Trump I love the farmers so they targeted the farmers and I said to Sonny Perdue Secretary of Agriculture Sonny How much was it last year and the year before tell me it was 12 billion dollars and it was 16 billion dollars and out of the tarot That we've taken in we gave to our farmers for distribution Hopefully very good distribution Hopefully very even distribution We've given them 20 -, eight billion dollars so that their whole so that Nobody would ever do that nobody would ever do that. I can tell you that right now and our farmers know we have to fight I see it all the time where some of the networks that are crazy They have a group of farmers In some cases, they have groups of women They say what do you think of President Trump? We like him a lot were with him all the way and they wanna turn off the cameras they go crazy but with the farmers, you know that do you ever see that the 10 women What do you think of President Trump We love em I'd like to put you on television not tell you right there and they can't turn off those cameras fast enough, but they say to the farmers you voted for President Trump Are you happy and everyone of them said he did things that nobody has ever done before who would think of getting 12 billion, plus 16 billion, 28 billion dollars because they've been targeted That's the amount I asked Sonny Sonny What's the amount they took out of our farmers It was 16 billion in the year before 12, and I said Sunday we gotta make that up and we made it. A who would do that Nobody would do that First of all Nobody else ever had tens of billions of dollars pouring in from China because it's always been the other way around China has taken advantage of our country for decades decades and I guarantee you one thing none of these Democrats, whether it's Pocahontas or Sleepy Joe None of them would be able to do a thing about it and nobody would ever think of helping the farmers who have been targeted by China China made 500 billion dollars over the last number of years on a yearly basis They steal our intellectual property so many other things so now it's just different and now it's working the other way and tariffs are a beauty Thing when you know how to use them, they are beautiful thing I want China to do well and I hope they do well but they've had now the worst year in 50 - seven years. I wonder why I wonder why and hopefully it all workout we'll see we're gonna be talking next week We're talking now they gonna be coming to the United States in two or three weeks and we'll see what happens but unless we gonna make a good deal or a fair deal for our country, let's face it. We cannot go back to a situation We're giving hundreds of billions of dollars Standard Fair not gonna happen We can't do it and we have many other countries also but we'll worry about them a little bit later Plenty of others plenty of others. They've taken advantage of our country like you wouldn't believe and I've been saying this for many years I was saying this one I was a private citizen They take our jobs They make our product They sell the product into our country with no tax No nothing So we end up with clothes factories, no jobs, no taxes, no nothing and these are Countries and as an example Mexico I must say they've really helped us at the border. The Democrats will not do anything about this horrible open loopholes which would be so good So we're doing it a different way And Mexico is now patrolling with 20 - 7000 troops. I'd never had two troops to it our border and you saw the numbers today. We're down Percent but our country could fix it so easy if the Democrats would sit with me for 15 minutes but they don't wanna do that because they want to have open borders They want to have drugs pouring into our country. You have to have a Wall and you have to stop it and when you look at what's happening with human trafficking and it's mostly women they traffic in women And they pour through our borders. Well every inch of Wall that we put up is vital and we're putting up miles and miles and we intend by next year at the end of the year to have anywhere between 405 hundred miles of Wall built and this is serious Wall This is the real deal serious And I wanna thank our new Secretary of Defense Mark Aspen for the job he's done and he views it really as a National security threat and you have to what can be much more threatening than people that wanna pour across our borders and we have the worst laws We have the weakest laws in the history of any country You can't do anything to stop them You have a program catch and release You catch them and then you have to release them and they're supposed to come back to court in the next 3456 years and nobody shows up and the Democrats don't wanna fix it So we're stopping them so we don't even have to worry about court We ended the last administration's cruel war on American energy. The United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world And for all of these crazy people but then that's so crazy. They know what they're doing They talk about Russia Russia Russia Russia is not too happy about that Their primary source of income is oil and gas and now we're bigger than Russia bigger than Saudi Arabia were bigger than everybody and we're doing great so they're not exactly happy The Russian hooks was a pure hope you saw that with Comey the other day yet every leading Democrat running for President pledges to ban the energy that drives our economy and wage and under if you look at what's going on your way of life is under assault by these people I mean I go out and sometimes I I admit this huge audiences and I wish we could have gotten a larger arena than this. We tried I was even willing to Stand out in the rain and get my hair so King wet but they said it was a little bit out of your district and I said I don't know if it looks good being out of your district but I was willing to do what I would have taken it. I would have been very proud to have done it It would have shown it's my real hair at least it wouldn't be pretty Is my hair It may not be great but I will say it's better than most of my friends who are the same age A lot better A lot But I do you know we had a different location as you all know and we said, let's do this. One is bigger and we put screens outside for all of the people have screens and loud speakers and everything. It's really amazing what's going on out there but after years of building up other countries we are finally building up our country. That's the bottom line The last administration with Vitamin and Obama at the helm They tried to ram through one of the worst trade deals ever negotiated the Trans Pacific Partnership. You could have kissed Many of your industries. Goodbye TPP would have gutted the American auto industry It would have been even worse than Nafta and we know how bad and after was all you have to do is even to this day Look around at all those empty plants where people move down and companies moved down to Mexico not under USMC A we gotta get Dancy Pelosi to put it up for a vote Make it by partisan She'll have tremendous Democrats support The farmers wanted to unions wanted the manufacturers want it and by the way 600000 manufacturing jobs in this country Remember you would need a magic wand You can't do that anymore while we did it but we've gotta get USMC A put up for a vote by the Democrats My first weekend office. I proudly with screw from that job Destroying TP catastrophe And we're replacing one of the worst trade deals ever made by any country You can go back as far as you want Nafta the disaster of Nafta so whatever you do start talking to you people we need a vote on the USMC, A that's United States Mexico and Canada and they've already voted They want it and we want it and it's great for the farmers. It's great for everybody We're also Aggressively combating a problem that you have in North Carolina problem that we have in almost all States the opioid epidemic Last year, we saw the first nationwide decline in drug overdoses in nearly 30 - And at the Center of the American drug crisis is the border crisis Criminal cartels smuggle vast quantities of lethal narcotics across our southern border including heroin meth cocaine and fentanyl a hundred thousand people a year die from what comes across our southern border and we can get the Democrats to help us in ceiling it even We gotta get em We gotta go We gotta get em so if you wanna stop the drug smugglers the human traffickers the vicious MS 13 gang members and by the way thank you to Ice these people go into those They go into those nest We call them nuts These are vicious vicious people We go into the nest with our ice people and you know for them, it's another day at the office. There aren't too many people in this room that want to do it for a living. Let me see that guy could maybe him Maybe her maybe her It's a rough job and they get so little praise for the job. They do so dangerous. These are these are many killers in those gangs and we're taking them out of our country by the thousands Ms 13 As you know Democrats even wanna give free health care to illegal immigrants As long as I'm your President I will never ever let them acrobats take away your healthcare and give it away free to people that have entered our country illegally. We can't do that It's a tremendous incentive to come in Democrats also wanna bring in unlimited numbers of foreign refugees from overseas all at the expense of supporting their own communities Republicans no matter what you do where you are We want people to obey our laws We want people that are going to help our country The Democrat Party has never been father outside of the mainstream Every major Democrat running for President supports a massive government takeover of health care that would raid Medicare Force private doctors out of medicine and lead to the rationing of life saving treatments and you know they're gonna take away your private health care Your private insurance 180 million people will lose What they want to do It's a disaster you know it's like did you ever really sort of feel where you don't even have to treat people nicely You don't have any choice. You have to vote for me I can leave right now I can say North Carolina I've had it with you I'm leaving right now and you know what you gotta go out and vote What are you gonna do put one of these crazy people running our country again but Never been so far left. I told the story the other day about a businessman. I saw one of the biggest in the country. You probably know his name One of the biggest He's hated me for 20 years that I've hated him also Okay Now they're gonna go out tomorrow breaking news Donald Trump hates people you're right about that I never like this guy and I see him in the White House and I say what are you doing here And he shows mister Press See now he calls me Mister President used to call me something else Mister President of Fighting for victory I said you gotta be kidding He goes honestly, you're doing a great job but also If this radical left gets in they're gonna take away everything and they gonna destroy our country and for the first time I like this guy My administration is defending your right to choose the plan and the doctor that is best for you Remember President Obama 28 times Remember 20 - eight times, they counted them and there's much more than that. I would imagine that you can choose your plan. You can choose your doctor. It didn't work out that way Did it Obamacare and we're capping Obamacare alive We got rid of the individual mandate. The worst part We're keeping it and running it as well as I can but the premiums are too high The deductibles are through the roof. It's ridiculous and we're coming up with Lindsey Graham and all of the folks were coming up with a great health care plan that if we take back the House that's why Dan and Greg if we take back the House If we keep the Senate maybe even increase it a little bit wouldn't be bad and on the assumption we keep the presidency You're gonna have great health care Thank you We almost had it where the man campaigning for eight years to knock out Obamacare when he voted. It didn't work out that way. Did it We had it We would have had it but we're gonna end up actually with a better plan sometimes through adversity, things work out better We're gonna end up with a better plan. You watch will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions Also always you have my word Our ambitious campaign to reduce the price of prescription drugs has produced the largest decline in drug prices in more than 50 - Virtually every top Democrat also now supports Late-term abortion Ripping babies straight from the mother's womb right up to the moment of birth And if you look at Virginia the governor of Virginia He was even talking about Essentially you would say an execution he was talking after the baby is born The doctor will talk to the mother and they'll make a decision as to whether or not that baby lives This is a radical Democrat idea And that's why I've asked Congress to prohibit extreme late term abortion because Republicans believe that every child is a sacred gift from God Democrats are now the party of high taxes high crime open borders late-term, abortion and socialism. The socialist The Republican Party is the party of the American worker the American family and the American Dream Everyday, we're making good on the motto promises made promises kept in fact we are keeping even more promises by far than we made or then we promise so many more So many more So many more you know what we did with respect to people that are very sick or terminally ill right right to try I love the name right to try We have some of the greatest doctors in the world labs in the world hospitals in the world and we have incredible medicine that's prohibited from being used until it gets approval and sometimes that approval can take many years and I said wait a minute if a person is sick and they've been trying to get this for 40 - five years instead of And maybe terminally ill Why aren't we letting them try this new technology and so many things are happening and we did right to try and it wasn't easy but I was helped by Lindsay and a lot of great people a lot of great people All of them helped Mark up so much all of them helped Greg We have a tremendous success. We had so many people wanting to help but it was complicated believe it or not because the country didn't want the liability I said You know what you do You drop an agreement taking away the liability they said. That's a good idea The insurance companies and the drug companies were very unsure It's been going on for many years. I got it done the results Unbelievable right to try things that we never even talked about were getting done And you know, maybe one of the biggest things is within about a month we'll have close to 180 federal judges, including a pellet division judges Including two great new Supreme Court, Justice Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh who they put through hell Pass something that they've wanted to do for half a century We passed VA choice so when you're great When you are great and honored veterans are waiting online for three weeks, four weeks, five days 10 days two months They go to a private doctor. We pay for the bill and they get themselves taken care of instead of dying which was happening And we also pass V A accountability on behalf of our great veterans. That means when they treat our veterans badly and they wouldn't have done it in Prime time. I can tell you but when they treat our sick and troubled veterans badly we can say you are fired Get their head It's called VA accountability. That's another one they've been trying and in all fairness the unions made it very tough civil service made it like almost impossible Everyone said. You'll never get it done. We got it done. I wanna thank the Republican Senate I wanna thank some incredible people in the House of Representatives and Kevin. I wanna thank you cuz that was a great job. You did on that one That was a great job Thank you Kevin We've achieved record funding for the US military 700 billion dollars last year 716 billion dollars this year 730 - eight billion dollars and you know I'm a big believer in budgets but we had no choice. We had to rebuild our military with all that's going on today with China with Russia with radical Islam with everything that's happening, we had to do something and you I love budgets and we'll get to that. Don't worry about it but we have to rebuild our military was totally depleted It was totally depleted and now we have beautiful new F. 30 -fives F, A T teams, new ships new missiles new We have new everything I came back with Admiral Brown the United States Coast Guard and some of the other folks and they were saying that the New Coast Guard cutters how good a job has the Coast guard done during these hurricanes And I said bro how good is the new Coast Guard cutters? He said that the finest in the world sir we have the fine and they had old broken equipment that they had to keep going on her shoes. Strength They have brand new Coast Guard cutters. We had to do it We had to do it There's always time for the other but we had to do it We've rebuilt our military We've taken care of the great people that work in our military We gave them a raise a beautiful rays They were so entitled to And I also got other NATO members to pay an additional 100 billion dollars over the last year and a half that they weren't paying They were delinquent We're supposed to protect them and they don't pay I say you can't do that You can't do that. You gotta pay NATO Now, we're finally making immensely wealthy countries pay the cost of their defense where negotiated with a lot of them think We have these immensely wealthy countries and they're paying for a fraction of our cost to defend them How did that happen And you know what the biggest excuses when I got home and I'll say King you gotta pay or mister Prime Minister You gotta pay or mister President You gotta pay you know it's costing us billions of dollars to protect these wealth. You know what their biggest thing is cuz I can't How we did this for so many years decades decades you have been defending all of some I won't mention names because I don't want to embarrass anybody Otherwise They got it some of the wealthiest countries in the world and when I say King President Prime Minister queen no matter what I say you know what they say but nobody's ever asked us to do that before. That's the only excuse because I say them why would we do this Why are we defending you You're immensely wealthy You compete with us on trade We have lousy trade deals that we're renegotiating many of them and ultimately all of them Why are we protect You mister President Well well I don't know I don't know but you know what there is is because you've always done it That's not a great answer So we're taking in billions and billions, but I got A hundred billion dollars and the Secretary general of NATO Sultan Berg is my biggest fan he said Until President Trump, you have to see the data cost of spending was going like this and ours was going like this We would defending many countries that treat us very badly on traded very unfairly We would defending them and now it's changing around 100 billion dollars And then I read where Obama is more popular in Germany than Trump He's gotta be I'm making people pay their bills He's gotta be you know the day that I'm more popular than him I'm not doing my job A big store They like you more in Europe than they like Trump I think they should hundred billion dollars more. They're paying to protect America's security I withdrew the United States from the horrible one -sided Iran nuclear Paid them a hundred and 50 billion dollars for that piece of work I would do it and we put sanctions all over the place and they are much different country and let's see what happens but I can tell you they'd like to get back to business because they're not doing very well When I came into office Iran was a real terror 18 sites of confliction They will behind everyone of em in the Middle East and who knows could have been elsewhere and I said, We're not With a hundred and 50 billion dollars President Obama paid and one point eight billion in cash whoever saw A million dollars piled up as a promotion in hundred - dollar bills. It's a lot It's a big now take a million dollars and make it one point eight billion dollars in cash. I'm actually more impressed with that number than A hundred and 50 billion dollars. You wanna know the truth one point eight billion dollars in cash and we got taken to the cleaner. So I terminated And I recognized Israel's true capital and opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem, which every President said they were I also approved for Israel The Golan Heights If you really think about it, I said to people what More important the Golan Heights or the capital of Jerusalem by moving our embassy there he said Neither sir what you've done in Iran is more important than both of my said. You know I guess you're right when you think about it So we've done a good job all of us together as a movement We've done a great job for his. You know for years you want says your politicians apologize for America Now you have a President who is standing up for America and we are standing up for the people North Carolina You must never forget That's it 2020 Election is about one thing you it's true Not about me. It's about you It's about your family your future and the fate of your country That's what we did. In 2016 They came from the Hills and the valleys. They came from the cities. They came from all over the place and people were saying these fakers back there they were saying what the hell is happening but I knew Gonna happen because we go out and would see these rallies the likes of which nobody has ever seen before ever ever ever in politics ever in politics a vote for any Democrat in 2020 and a vote for any Democrat tomorrow in North Carolina is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American Dream We are entering this campaign with the best record The best results the best agenda and the only positive vision for the people of North Carolina and I've said it and I say it loudly and proudly I don't believe there's been any President or any administration that has done more in two and a half years then we have as a group than we have I don't believe When you add it all up nobody's done what we have Our first task is a giant victory tomorrow right here in the great state of North Carolina with your support tomorrow we take the first steps to firing Speaker Pelosi and winning back the House in 2020 We need everybody to get your friends get your family get your neighbors and get out and vote for Dan Bishop and get out and vote for Greg Murphy. You gotta get out tomorrow and vote Together, we will live to millions more from our horrible horrible situations that have developed over the years Look at what's happening to Democrat run cities every single one of em We're going to lift me means more of our citizens from welfare to work dependence to independence and poverty to prosperity with your help. We will elect more Republicans to Congress to create a safe modern fair and lawful system of immigration We will enact trade deals that result in more products proudly stamped with the four beautiful words made In the USA Made in the USA If you want made in America, I don't care What do you like better made in America or made in the USA Go ahead Wait Ready We'll go made in America then made in the USA What do you like better made in America Made in the USA Okay So I think we know that answer so in 2016 we had in my opinion the greatest phrase in the history of politics Make America great again right Now we're within moments hopefully of having despite what you heard a few weeks ago maybe we're heading or they gonna like please please let that be recession. Please they're willing to give up their results because they think it will help them win the election. They're not gonna win the election Don't forget we're doing this and still fighting the unfairness of China and other countries on trade What happens when that gets fixed and other things get fixed We're we're setting new records and we're fighting trade deals that were fighting military deals and run fair to our country Think what happens when it all gets fixed We have ourselves a country that's gonna be so strong But we had a phrase make right make America great again the best I think it was baby the greatest 2016 but we've done a lot and now they're very close to setting a new I think it's the 100 and eighteenth time that we will have set a new record with the stock market right many, many times many many times I can't be sure that media but it's a lot okay I always have to preface it cuz they'll do headlines Headlines something didn't tell the truth or they love it I always I've got an extremely cautious So we have the greatest phrase of all time as it given the fake news video would agree Make America great again. Mega Mega Country make America great again Okay now now We've largely we still have a year and a half a little bit less Can you believe that that like can you believe it I stood in the White House with the first lady that first night and I said wow look at this That's the bedroom of Abraham Lincoln You have to see this It's so perfectly done and so the way it was That's the bedroom of the great Abe Lincoln I mean honey can you believe this That was the first night and now Indiana Than a year and a half the first term will be over think of that I announced today that we got the soccer World Cup That's a big thing who else is gonna do it but it's we've got a problem. It's in 2020 - six Gianni Infantino who's a great guy. We announced it in front of the press and 2020 - six and I said well wait a minute under the normal rules. I'll be out in 2020 - four so we may have Oh they're going crazy They're going crazy tomorrow. You're gonna see headlines Trump once an extra termite told you I told you he wants He wants an extra term ladies and gentlemen we told you we told you he's a dictator We told you no No I'm only kidding I'm only but we actually have the World Cup. It's the biggest sporting event in the world and we got it and that's great. We're working it also with Mexico Canada giving them some of the games. We're gonna have a great relationship with the World Cup. It's a big deal early great Bob Craft help me doing Patriots people great Tom Brady had a pretty good game the other night right And how good a coach whether you like it or not I know you're North Carolina but how good a coach in all fairness right is coach Belichick alcohol How good is it How good is it I know you wanna be cool but it's pretty good right We have to appreciate genius. We all like Jesus but we're going to achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine finding new cures for childhood cancer and ending 10 years the Aids epidemic in America that shocking to hear that, but we could do that We're gonna do that Definitely incredible. The strides that we've made We will defeat the Democrat effort to drive up the cost of houses cars healthcare and education by liberating Americans from the endless push for job killing soul crushing Washington regulations As an example we're trying to get the car companies gonna give a little bit of extra energy and they'll be able to build a car that consumers can buy which will be better than the car they make today and you'll save $3500 think of that It will be safer It'll be better You're gonna save $3500. It will be less costly and we're gonna Get that done and then they were forcing you to buy light bulbs across the fortune So I signed something couple of days ago that gives you the right to continue to use the incandescent light I don't know about you much less expensive I don't know about you but I don't know I'm not a vain person I know I have no vain people, especially this incredible ladies in the front but I look better under an incandescent light than these crazy lights that have beaming down on But you know somebody told me that as you know they're much more expensive bulbs and for what you said but they said that if a bulb breaks it's considered almost like a waste site It's a very big the bulbs, the new bulbs They're very dangerous with all of the gases at all and I said, well what's the point what are you saying Well we're saying if we continue that production, they can buy whatever they wanna buy but you're going to save a tremendous amount of money and you're gonna have a light that's better and there is a big danger In fact they have labels Don't break this bulb What are you gonna do? You're gonna throw it away. I promise I won't break it On the new one so you're gonna hopefully buy the new ones but you can buy the old ones too and you can save a lot of money and you can even look better We will defend privacy free speech free Assembly religious liberty and the right to keep and bear arms Above all we will never stop fighting for the values that bind us together as one America will be one United Nation We support protect and defend the constitution of the United States We stand with the incredible heroes of the law enforcement. Thank you lord We believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life We believe that faith and family not government and bureaucracy are the true American way like you We believe that children should be taught to love our country Honor our history and to always respect our great American flag And we will live by the words of our National motto in God We trust it will stay there We stand on the shoulders of American Patriots who crossed the oceans settled the continent tamed the wilderness revolutionized industry pioneered science 12 World wars defeated fascism and communism put a man on the moon and built the most exceptional country in the history of the world We are great Americans and the future belongs to us The future belongs to you with your help your devotion and your drive. We are going to keep on working We are going to keep on fighting I'd like to find a little bit less for these people. They just don't stop They just keep coming at you in waves They are unfortunately not the best people And we are going to keep on winning winning winning. We're gonna keep going We are one movement one people one family and one glorious nation under God America is driving like never before we may have right now The greatest economy in the history of our nation and ladies and gentlemen of North Carolina The best is yet to come Together we will make America wealthy again We will make America strong again with joy We will make America safe again and we will make America great again Thank you everybody. Thank you North Carolina

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