Watch Darnella Frazier’s Testimony at Derek Chauvin's Trial

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‘When I look at George Floyd, I look at my dad. I look at my brothers. I look at my cousins, my uncles because they are all Black.’ — Darnella Frazier,...

Posted 7 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Rhonda Mock 7 months ago

She was brave to make that video. She should have no regrets.

Brenda Middaugh 7 months ago

I was crying today listening to testimony and watching the video again. I cannot see how Chavin would be found not guilty. That would be the worse injustice I’ve seen in a long time.

Stephanie Ptacek 7 months ago

Brave testimony. So proud of Ms. Frazier's poise and strength. I hope justice is served in this case.

Jessica McCoy 7 months ago

How did these uniformed, sanctioned gang members and thugs called "police" not think about the trauma and damage they were inflicting on those to witness their broad daylight murder for fun? I can't imagine the horrendous other crimes they've committed while not on camera, can you? Disgusting criminals deserving of the illustrious death penalty.

Hal Thomas 7 months ago

The young lady's testimony had me in tears. She complained about how she feels guilt for not "physically intervening" instead of recording the murder. I hope someone tells her that what she did was a service to America and the world.

Betty Henderson 7 months ago

Thank you Ms. Frazier for your Bravery.!
America and the world appreciate you.!

Brent Townsend 7 months ago

I look at a criminal that was on drugs and tried to pass a Counterfeit $20 bill!!! Which ended up to ultimately bite him in his ass!!! Oh not to mention him in prison four or five fucking times!!! Great role model!

Michele Charland Sckoropad 7 months ago

What happened to Mr G Floyd is horrible. It broke my heart n when I saw again the videos yesterday it’s so so sad n unfair. To me the officer should be in jail forever n the 2 others ones who where there were not better. They didn’t do anything to stop that “murder”.. to
Me they are guilty. N the officer who was laying his weight on his back with his hand in his pocket he deserves jail time forever n ever ..

Rhonda Marburger 7 months ago

Agree. I saw this also. God love her. The 4 witnesses yesterday all gave consistent, spot on testimony. Nothing to gain. Just happened to be right there watching a guy suck the life out of another guy. They got louder because THEY COULDN'T HELP!!!!

Stevie Storm 7 months ago

I wish I’d never seen that video. But like most of us, I watched a man die. It was devastating