Awe-Inspiring Moment Stranger Interrupts Fight With Lesson On Respect

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This is the awe-inspiring moment a stranger interrupted a fight to give an important lesson on respect πŸ‘πŸ‘

Posted 8 months ago

Maia Laforce 8 months ago

So much respect for the MAN who taught these young ones a bit of LIFE. Be it watching the video or for real❀

Tamara Arndt 8 months ago

In high school, this same thing happened between another girl and I. We had 2-3 fights on campus before we were caught and called into the counselor's office. The very first thing our counselor asked was "Why?" We each had our own story of how we heard this or that from somewhere else, and it turned out to be untrue. We shook hands, and walked out allies that day. We began saying hello, waving, smiling, and stopping others from fighting. It's amazing what sitting down and talking it out can do. All it takes is ONE person to step in.

Umair Aslam 8 months ago

Often the guy interrupting gets beaten up more than the ones fighting. He is one lucky man yo!

Steve Ruske 8 months ago

Good leader keep it up. These kids need more help like this.

Kate Lee 8 months ago

That was a beautiful intervention. The boys just needed a little guidance and he was there to give it.

Joe Valayil 8 months ago

This guy is a hero. Whenever fights occur, the camera's come out and people urge the others to fight instead of stopping them and making peace.

Richard Jones 8 months ago

Fair play to him yo. Teaching these kids a lesson yo. Not in public speaking yo. But having respect for others, yourself and your family yo. Yo, yo, yo.

Michael Hunt 8 months ago

The worst acting I've seen since El Dorado

Nathan Meltzer 8 months ago

Amazing now this guy is a hero the word hero is thrown around so much these days you are truly inspirational

Shane Lancaster 8 months ago

Seen This Before Full Respect To This Guy For Intervening He His Right In What He His Saying Love This Brilliant.