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Posted 11 months ago in Music & Audio
Mystikjipsy11 months ago

Very nice looks to be amazing! 👏 🥰

Andrea Palenzuela
Andrea Palenzuela11 months ago

Omy, winter and you, gosh look so cute congrats unnie for your first single album make more single song and blinks always here to listen and cheer you up unnie and the pinks are here to support and cheer you up like what blinks do to you and to your 3 members and also we here for the other pinks hehe loveyouuu 😊💖

David Corrigan
David Corrigan10 months ago

Wow Rosé you're Absolutely Incredibly Fabulous and Fantastically Spectacular your the Greatest SuperStar and Beautifully Amazing Artist and Artistic SuperGirl and Hank is So Adorable and Cute and your The video is Spectacular and Absolutely Incredibly Enjoyable and Fabulous my Greatest Best Friend Rosié and Massive Congratulations Rosié on your Spectacular and incredibly Fabulous Performance on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon on NBC and Sky Television Channel 113 Last Night The 17th of March you are Absolutely and incredibly impressive and inspireing Sensational and Professional Performance and I am very, very Proud of you and what you have achieved and all BlackPink members Jisoo, LaLisa, Jennie 제니 our Fabulously Fantastic and Beautiful Greatest Best Friends your Friend David David Corrigan from Preston, England 🇬🇧 Uk.

Jonna Jänkälä
Jonna Jänkälä11 months ago

rose this looks so good regards sweden x love the blackpink stuff to also

Jen Jen
Jen Jen11 months ago

We wake up every morning for another journey and it is such a blessing. But another blessing came after we wake up, we witness how great these girls are. We are all witness how they work hard and achieve all these success they have right now. We are so proud of you PINKS! Y'all grew up so well. Every part of the world you are loved don't forget that arasso?🥰💕

Jessmar Laurente Delgado
Jessmar Laurente Delgado11 months ago

Rose first single album wow that nice,,,,,,,blink proud fanboy here 👋

Daniel R RaDaniel
Daniel R RaDaniel11 months ago

Those friends are so innocent and beautiful that they always give love. Congratulations on your new song. You are a rose among the flowers and a sweet star among constellations. Luck.

Gilyn Raborar
Gilyn Raborar11 months ago

Stream on the ground,-R-album for luck!!uwuuuu💜💜

Vincent Moreno
Vincent Moreno11 months ago

streaaaam on the ground, -R- album for luck! 💯

Reyzhen Abelarde
Reyzhen Abelarde11 months ago

Hank; the luckiest creature alive living with the goddess. How much more if the stylist and make up artist having a big brain for styling her hair and putting an effort to ger make up?