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We've got a limited supply of Father's Day packs! Get them while they're hot!! dudedad.com

Posted 5 months ago in Holidays & Celebrations

Dude Dad 5 months ago

Just a reminder, this is our only page. If you get any messages about winning cash or something crazy, it’s not us! Check the page name!!!

Dude Dad 4 months ago

Announcement! Tag me on IG in photos of you in your Dude Dad swag and I’ll share it! You can also email pics to [email protected]

Kevin Larmon 4 months ago

DUDE - Fellow Dad - I just found your video how to crop a lithium battery in a power wheel. I wanna do that for both my son's trucks - do you have a link where to get the in line fuse? I have some 20v batteries for my drills, Should I up the fuse?

Dawn Moles 4 months ago

Got our Father’s Day package today it’s awesome

Marcii Reiswig 5 months ago

It would be fun if maybe you could do some sort of contest or just for fun thing where people send in vids if their dads doing cool dudedad stuff forth their kids, house or yard ect... Don’t really know how or what but I’ll leave that up to you to figure out.
Thanks for all you do!!

Joel Huston 5 months ago

oh chip gains lol I would love that signature

Luis Nuñez 5 months ago

My guy I love all your videos! Now that tattoo needs some love. Haha 90s tattoos don’t age well lol 😂

Lea Fegley 5 months ago

Does basic dad have a negative connotation? My husband is celebrating his first fathers day this year.

Cathy Laramee 5 months ago

I had a weird ass dream last nigh that I met Dude Dad and he gave me his autograph and then I sold it online

Regina Block 5 months ago

I’m impressed that you can cry on cue!