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Donald J. Trump
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Nobody ever heard of this dope until he met me. He only lasted 11 days!
I love the President and I'm very very loyal to the President We won the presidency because of Donald J Trump He is a unbelievable politician If you cared what people said about it, there's no way he'd be President. I love the President and I think a lot of you guys know in the media, I've been very very loyal to him I've seen him in operation over the last 20 plus years of the President has really good karma okay and the world turns back to him I'm still on his team I support his agenda I think he's doing a great job Country I love the President President is phenomenal with the press Okay and he's he's a he's a great communicator with the President has this unbelievable economic story. Disposable income is up for Middle class families Wages are up the former administration that we would never grow at three percent again He's genuinely a wonderful human being I love the President This President might just not destroy the President

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