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This teenager had the scare of her life when a cop pulled her over! 馃槀via ViralHog
Do you have your driver's license on your sorry? I honestly I didn't see that that's okay Call three 1050 Starbucks parking lot on It's a White Mazda Suvs I'm surprised how you doing ma' am. How are you good? Someone called? Did you go over to median or something okay. I don't know what happened right? I don't. I don't know. I know I hit something Okay. There's no cut through there. I think you went over there. Do you have your driver's license on? Sorry. I I honestly I didn't see that that's You're not from the area or something No. I just I I don't drive around here. Okay Yeah I live here but I don't come on this side of town We got everything going on your driver's license. Yes sir. Yeah That's completely my fault Okay Alright, give me. I'll just make sure your drivers license Call three. Can you do a driver's license? Check for me Trying to get some coffee Yeah. I mean there's my uncle. Hi Yeah, she's good family Yes. Yes And for sharing that hurt temporarily suspended my line of your driver's license temporarily suspended Say what it's suspended for Yeah I've never seen it before but it's showing that it's temporarily suspend it for failure to register a prom date Come out of the car Got See if we can resolve this suspension Oh my God Well that resolves your suspension Oh my gosh no longer suspended Alright so one more thing and this is for real. So it's the Gainesville Police Department's policy that anytime we do a traffic stop on a car We can't do nothing. We there has to be some something issued so we can issue warnings. We can excitation okay. So I'm gonna issue at the request of Detective Caster on behalf of the Basketball Cop Foundation I'm gonna issue you guys a hundred dollar gift card so you guys can go have dinner for prom Okay Just trying to get some coffee Yeah. I mean there's my uncle

Posted 10 months ago in Crime & Tragedy.