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That time 2 Chainz got too high.

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What's What's this? this this I I put put on on here Orange Orange Tane Tane Diesel Diesel diesel Rosie Rosie Rosie Rosie one. one one one gram gram gram of of of that that that is is is is like like like like 500 five. 500 500 milligrams of of THC THC for for for and and and how how how how much much much much. cannabis cannabis cannabis you you you you. consume consume. consume when when When you're consuming Orly. Orly. I'm I'm trying trying to to get get get like like like two. 22. 222 222 too crazy, crazy, but but let's let's get a get a little little something something going. going. That that's just rub a little on the side, I can tell. You Love Me too. Leave me alone, I hit him one one time time so so so on on on That's That's that's. That's that that that stuff stuff stuff you you you can't. can't can't okay. okay. Bye. That shit kicking ass shit me that motherfucking here put the oil. I'm high as a motherfucker right now, so I have some almonds here that's been infused with fennel and then I create a membrane around it. So what you'll do is you'll just let it pop like fire the whole thing thing in in your your mouth mouth bite bite bite into into into it. it it it have have have a a a good good good good time. time. time. time. I'm I'm I'm scared to bust bust it it slapp slapp slapp Leto leto. leto Leto like. like like one one of of them them blues's. blues's blues's. blues's. blues's. silicone. That's why it won't work. It was just like some almond milk in there. That's all it was. yeah, there's some pickled onions, lemon thyme as well. I'm most dope in there probably almost almost 25 milligrams. How good I know. it's good. What The Cheesecake a chiffon cake that's made out of shrimp on top is a cognac, Shanti and a little bit of oh, no that's good. That's good. I'm sorry can we go back to? Position. This is a cream fresh couple of different types of cucumbers, Red radishes that a hot. I'm not the hot. these are my smelling little small little melons fermented pepper sauce. This is a quail egg. We explain some mud eat a plate that that's a pretty plate man make me wanna a-frame that that's just pretty man. It's a pretty plate man. It's a nice play. I spread it. You know, let people see that that's a pretty plate. That's a pretty plate. look at that play. Make one frame and show you show love it. That's pretty. Oh, It's good man. I'm getting no. I like the light you're stealing here-I'm doing chicken dish chicken fresh meat, dark meat meat roll it up in. it's own skin and you know I cooked it as a log, and then I'll deep-frying after that the burrito. With this, it's just corn juice sprouted be berries with candied sunflower seeds, King trumpet mushrooms, and these are little baby Corns coriander, and then there's it's a little bit of cannabis, so I need to get paid for amazing. It's like a thousand milligrams of of really really strong. strong. so so you you gotta gotta gotta be be be really really really yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. it's It's it's really. really really really strong strong seriously seriously like like like going going going to. to to bed. bed bed and and and we're back again again with with the the the dessert. dessert dessert. dessert. keeping keeping keeping it it it classic classic classic. angel angel angel Food food Food cake cake strawberries butter cookie. cookie. Oh, Oh, Oh, this this this is is is is very very. very very soft soft. soft The The the moose underneath is is is roasted roasted. roasted. strawberry Strawberry. strawberry. I I I love love. love this this cookie cookie crunch. crunch. Yeah. just that I eat. Keep being creative brother, This is the most expensive. I forget. She's good.

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