Millennials vs. Gen Z Dance-Off

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Who’s got better dance moves: Gen Z or Millennials?

Posted 1 year ago

BuzzFeed News 1 year ago

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Dan Weaver 1 year ago

Dont feel bad our generation had wood stock

Nathan Tex Wilson 1 year ago

Aye!!!!!! We made it! DaVonte' Royster let’s go!!

Verena Rademacher 1 year ago

Jan Dckr neue Dancemoves für dich

Brooke Ceehorne 1 year ago

Ariana Stella Munoz The Aunt Viv!!!! My favorite dance 😂

Louise Gavaghan 1 year ago

Ffs ..... grow the Fck up

Sara-Lydia Azuka Amechi 1 year ago

Wait a hot minute..."my mom is married but she could use a little side piece?" 🤦🏾‍♀️

Lori Urpschot Cohen 1 year ago

Love this! 😂

Franco HappyLife 1 year ago

V Marie Moring 1 year ago

Thanks for the feature 🥰🤩 I’m the auntie 😅