Som Sabadell Flashmob

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A girl puts a coin into this musicians hat.
An amazing musical flash mob then begins.
Source: Youtube "Banco Sabadell"

Posted 6 years ago in Music & Audio

Jessica Briole 3 months ago

ChrisTine FenKen celle ci c'est une de mes claques musicales

Tj Klepin 6 years ago

Beautiful! Touches the heart and soul!

Mike Anthony Encinas 6 years ago

Music is such a powerful thing of unity it can bring anyone together and take anyone out of a bad mood and into a good mood Bravo

Scott Schulz 3 years ago

Omg so moving our political pundits should watch this.

Yolanda Fernandez 6 years ago

Omg that was amazing what a wonderful way to start my day thanks Juan for sharing that !!

Mikki Arnett 6 years ago

Oh man what I would have given to have been there! That was ultimately the most fantastic thing I've ever heard or seen!!!!

Leona Davis 6 years ago

Music brings everyone together. Beautiful.

Ellen Horvath 6 years ago

Incredible, not only in regard to the amazing flash mob, but also in the transformation of the audience from blasé into smiles and pure joy! It certainly made me smile and brought tears to my eyes!

Aly Laventhal 6 years ago

Sid Patrick , you just lived this city, and we will soon.

Jorge Oyenarte 6 years ago

Best flash mob I've seen so far,love the piece they did,simply beautiful!