Dad Snaps When Toxic Jerk Seduces His Daughter

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This overprotective Dad goes face to face with his daughter's new boyfriend and completely LOSES IT. What happens next makes him rethink everything.

Posted 4 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Lindsey Scarrow 4 months ago

This "overprotective dad"....oh hell no... I see that as a young adult and think oh hell no. You don't disrespect the family. You don't come in to their house and do whatever you want. I'm sorry but the mom was in the wrong for making the dad think he was wrong for protecting his daughter.

Arneita Mills 4 months ago

Shes gona do what she want to do anyway matter of age and time

Di Phillips 4 months ago

Really? How often does this happen? Only in an advertising commercial.
PS- Some punk talked to my husband, father of my children that way, in his own home! They'd look endlessly for this so-called boyfriend.

Shujaat Kamran Khan 4 months ago

Dad shud gave a fist right away....

Troy L. McDonald 4 months ago

Goalcast y'all wildin for making it seem like that father's reaction to how that young man disrespected him and his home was unreasonable.

And the fact that the daughter got in the car with that young man is scary as f**k! That could been catastrophic!

This wasn't the time for autonomy. The young boy needed his a** whooped and then the father and the daughter can talk later.

No way that level of disrespect is being tolerated in my home. That's being dealt with immediately.