Madrid we are here!

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📍 M A D R I D 🛫

We are here! 👋
¡Preparados para #ElClásico! 🔥
Ja estem a Madrid! 🔵🔴

Posted 7 months ago in Sports

Diego Manzur 7 months ago

Vamos barza con FE! ⭐Y ♥️

Maria Salazar 7 months ago

A destrozar al Madrid ❤️❤️❤️

Pilar del Rio 7 months ago

Es nuestra última oportunidad. Vamos Barça.

Sery Bahi 7 months ago

I have said it before and I will say it again . The team FC Barcelona that we have this season is poor and soulless !! It is high time we cleaned up the house and built a new team with more talented and committed players !! Watching Barca play is really disgusting !! Look at how we are being humiliated by Madrid! This is sad !

German Vela Cobarrubias 7 months ago

Vamos a ganar como siempre, más unidos y fuertes que nunca con un solo objetivo la Victoria

Alain Burg 7 months ago

be calm somethink good gonna happen this night i am really sure and self confident just finish thé work now try to back home now than i am going to running like every week-end and later come to wash soon the game and Barcelone winning Barca mes que un club

عشاق أتالانتا في العالم العربي Birgamista 7 months ago

نخن كصفحة عاشقة لنادي أتالانتا نوجه لكم تحذير في عدم إشراك الأسطورة سيرجيو روبيرتو لانه سيكون اخطر عليكم من بنزيما 👌

Dean Vukovic 7 months ago

I have small hope of any chance of win for Barca as they have been playing poorly against stronger teams. This si the game where both clubs earn huge money and good profit for them and spain, but not this year as no fans, so sad.😂

Cujo St Bernard 7 months ago

Good Luck FC Barcelona!
This is one of the most important games of the La Liga campaign.

We need to win this game to make up Real Madrid's domination in the Camp Nou.

Gendis 7 months ago

Vamos barca
Spot andi al barcelona desde Indonesia