Dads share touching moment they met their daughter on the day of her birth

Good Morning America • 8 months ago   65.7K     1.5K  •  1.9M Views
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“This is the moment our lives became complete,” Ben Ptashinsky-Skinner told ABC News.

Posted 8 months ago in Children & Parenting
Julie Schiedel
Julie Schiedel8 months ago

The love in their eyes😍!!! You can tell they are wonderful parents !!

Lakenya Brown
Lakenya Brown8 months ago

Every child deserves to be 💘 and cared for. She's a lucky little girl.

Dawn Turner
Dawn Turner8 months ago

Thats so lovely. She is so lucky having special parents who really wanted her, look at the smile on her face. Can see shes so happy

Lola Carter
Lola Carter8 months ago

They definitely will be great parents 💕

Tricia Huddas-Enqvist
Tricia Huddas-Enqvist8 months ago

Love this! ❤️❤️ We miss EquityBen at the Frozen sing along show at Disney. He was the best, but I know he's on to bigger and better things!

Kimberly Davide
Kimberly Davide8 months ago

Love is Love 💞 The most important thing in her life is that she is loved..

Clare Larson
Clare Larson8 months ago

Just the absolutely best reminder of how much love there is in the world regardless of what family looks like

Marion Smales
Marion Smales8 months ago

She is going to be so loved by her dads 🧸👶xxx

Jen Garlinghouse
Jen Garlinghouse8 months ago

Omg.. tears with them. Amazing. So many kids that need loving parents.

Tammy Nunez
Tammy Nunez8 months ago

This is awesome pure love. Definitely not a unwanted child stuck in foster care. I'm so happy for them