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I hope this reaches some people that need to hear this. Follow John ( for more content!

Regina Chin
Regina Chin4 months ago

I think that is why a weekly “girls night” or “boys night” out is good. Gives each person to talk with others, to get different perspective on issues/concerns. I agree, time spent away from each other should be thinking about goals, introspection on their relationship. This is a good point that I have never heard from any of other “relationship/couples” coach.

Adrienne Crudup'Carr
Adrienne Crudup'Carr4 months ago

I disagree we had a two year break up and we’ve been back together ever cents for the last 38 years do you break up

Steve Samson
Steve Samson4 months ago

lol yikes the negativity in the comments! A break is perfectly healthy depending on the circumstance. Like if you need to break to finish school or if you need like two months to discover yourself. I went on a break with my partner for 2 months because I needed to develop my own identity and to go to therapy and it worked out in the end. Let go of the Disney movie fantasy and face the reality - relationships are hard! and sometimes it takes a step back to find out what’s going on.

Derrick Hemingway
Derrick Hemingway4 months ago

No,just get the fuck out of it and move on.

Bianca Navarrete
Bianca Navarrete4 months ago

Cheryl Parker
Cheryl Parker4 months ago

A break to me…means…it’s over. Why do you need a break if you are working on a relationship. It should be done together…or there is no relationship.

Elise Gray
Elise Gray4 months ago

Bill Ohearn
Bill Ohearn4 months ago


Jake Jones
Jake Jones4 months ago

I'll cut his long talk short the answer is no, soon as he walks out she will fuck someone else and even if they get back together he will NEVER get over it 🤷‍♂️