‘It's Rather Disgusting’: AZ Sheriff Details How Trump VS Biden Handled Border Crisis

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Cochise County Sheriff's Office - Mark J. Dannels Sheriff joins Glenn to detail just how bad the border crisis has become and how the Biden...

Posted 8 months ago in Politics

Marian McConnell 8 months ago

This is an invasion and was INCITED by the Resident Biden administration and they should be held accountable for every man woman and child - in this country and of the illegal aliens - that suffers any harm because of this!

Lisa Ponter 8 months ago

Where are my fellow Texans? Those of you not in a border state have no right to tell us what to do. You don’t have illegals cutting fences letting livestock loose. Livestock that we depend on for a living. Or homes being broken into cause that’s the first homestead they came to. When does America start protecting their own citizens?!? Citizens not politicians!!

Tobie Carter 8 months ago

Exactly right! If we had to be stuck in our homes because of covid then the boarder needs to be completed because of covid!!!!

Scott Tonya Haupt 8 months ago

There is now actual actions to stop process
No authority figure can remove the unremovable

Dale Summers 8 months ago

Biden & harris should be kicked out of office for placing the american public in so much danger,if this was trump,they would be impeaching him again,i am so fu*king sick of democrats & their hatred for us all,they all need 2B taken out of office for this crap,its ok if illegals run around maskless & infected,given free bus rides & motels,but the american peoples health & safety does not matter. Like nancy said,i do t know why more have not risen up.

Carol Kitchen 8 months ago

I say we round them up with a promise to speak to those in charge and bus them into Washington DC Camp them out around the fence that Nancy built tent city Washington DC 🇺🇸