Good Sex || Bad Sex

Pulse Ghana • 2 years ago   141     15  •  16.4K Views
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"Good sex can make you change your mind about a guy you don't really like" Interesting!! Ever had such an experience?

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Matt Sam
Matt Sam2 years ago

Instead of thinking or brainstorming as future leaders this is what you are talking about

Kur Deng
Kur Deng2 years ago

WO that is good

Mpilo Celi
Mpilo Celi2 years ago

I'm really love sex

Leo Cole
Leo Cole2 years ago

Have u observe that fat ladies fine it easy to talk about sex then slim ladies ......if u think am lying u try n observe most talk shows on sex

John Williams
John Williams2 years ago

Do we have Good sex and bad sex

Abigail Nash Jesuslin
Abigail Nash Jesuslin2 years ago


Abigail Nash Jesuslin
Abigail Nash Jesuslin2 years ago


Johnnycage Felicia
Johnnycage Felicia2 years ago

This is the only thing Ghanaians knows nothing else nonsense

Muhsinat Habib
Muhsinat Habib2 years ago

Disorganize society everyday sex sex habba

King Kafui Kay
King Kafui Kay2 years ago

Then all the prostitutes and slay queens will be married by now... good sex doesn't make you like the person, it makes you addicted to be sleeping with the person, you need God's grace to stop