A Black Lady Sketch Show

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Still not over the Black Lady Courtroom. #TBT #ABLSS

Posted 2 years ago in TV & Movies

Shamika Sumra 2 years ago

Who else felt this through the video? Hahaha

Dwayne Dority 2 years ago

I watch this show all the time (I love Gabrielle Dennis 🥰). It just gets funnier each week. Their skits are on point.

Camay Moore 2 years ago

I got to experience this IRL I was thoroughly pleased and felt safe and extremely grateful when all my fines were dropped 🥰😁

Theodora Lynn 2 years ago

I felt this at my last closing. My buyers, the sellers, attorneys and the seller's Realtor were all people of color

Jon Hamilton 2 years ago

Ppl don’t understand... this is how black folk feel when we walk into a situation and, taken by surprise, all we see is other black folk, when that is seldom at best!!!! Lol love this!!!!

Jazmyn Clark 2 years ago

As a black attorney, what I wouldn’t give to have a moment like this?! 🙏🏽🙌🏽

Jamie Thomas 1 year ago

Experiencing this in real life really is the greatest feeling! 😂 Came in for a shift in the ER once, we all happened to be schedule on the same shift block. the doc I was working with was black, the second doc came in...black, the 3rd doc came in....Cuban but we counted him black 😂, the PA came in....black, the other scribe came in...black, the nurse....black.
We all stared at each other and said “wait a minute 👀we all working together?? 👀👀 ooooooh snap!”
Best believe we celebrated! dapping each other, I will never forget. 😂😂

Roiri JW 2 years ago

I had a job interview like this and we ended up hugging by the end. It felt amazing!🥰🥰🥰

Donovan Boson 2 years ago

I'm so happy that this is like a real thing in Houston right now. 1/3 of our courts are lead by black women (most of which graduated from my HBCU, Texas Southern)

Spencer Tolliver 2 years ago

Haven’t seen the show yet. But now?!!! I gotta tune in. Only a genius could conceive “Black Lady Courtroom” and “What in the baby hair ?” Not just ha ha funny, but “damn that’s deep” funny. 🤔🤣🤔🤣