Baking Emojis with Ash

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Watch your favorite emojis turn into life-size treats?
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Do you know the birthday cake emoji? I wanted to see what it would look like in real life because I am confused like they just put regular candles. Just the ones you put on a table on top of this cake and no one on the Apple team questioned it. Listen, I came up with this video idea at 2 AM now that I'm saying it out loud. I'm like, wow, there was no need for this but anyway, I made the cakes level them filled them and then iced them. The top edge of the emoji is curved a little. so I tried doing that. This is a bad move. I didn't love the way it looks. So I tried pressing reboots nothing happened. So, I just went for it. Now, I just put the raspberries on top. Then, I added the candles. I was going to use cake candles but then that would have been authentic. So, I just use these and that's pretty much it. Thanks. Bye.

Posted 2 months ago in Food & Drink