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The 3 Words You need to Focus on Every Day in Your Business:

How to Get Seen More = V-Word
How to Get Heard More = R-Word
How to Get Paid More = S-Word
Hey everyone it's me, jen kem helping entrepreneurs get seen heard and paid and in this short video I'm gonna be talking about the three words you need to focus on every day in your business because there are alot can repeat alot I'll repeat. It again alot alot alot of things that we could be working on every single day and that leads to overwhelm that also leads to, frankly piecing Out or running out of steam or getting resentful in your business and when you get those feelings and those feelings come up, then you either feel the need to push through or you feel the need to just give up and so people ask me all the time. Jen. How are you so productive. How do you get things done. How do you stay laser focused well, you know my brand doesn't teach getting seen her in paid for Nothing right, but I wanna go further into how you get seen heard and paid on the daily okay. So, let's talk about the three words that if they were even if you gotta post it, if I had to post it note, but I just moved into a new place that's. Why I have no background this is my empty box of an office right now um. I just move to the San Francisco Bay area from hawaii, but I'm actually going back to hawaii today, so I'm gonna be on a plane um to have an awesome business Back there and I want you to know that there are these three words get to post it out and write them down. So it's of the word and are word and s word hey laura nice to see you thanks for calling in all the way from the think that's where you're at right now, so we talk about getting seen and getting heard and getting paid it's all about focus back to that focus focus focus on getting a little one, focus on this video, but hey I have coffee at let me take a sip So first, getting seen so where do you focus on how can you get seymour well the v word is called visibility. Now that my team, kinda obvious to you that you need to be visible. But there's a difference between being seen and being visible when it comes to action and what I mean is it's a commitment to showing up every single day in your brand. Now you can do that via live streams right. You can do that At least one post per day on the social media you know platform that, where your audience could be listening, even if it's on your personal page, where you might be starting out first but what's important, is committed to everyday being visible in some kind of way. It doesn't have to be. You know a 90 page dissertation on whatever you're gonna okay. It just needs to be consistent, that you're visible your brand is visible and again, if you're shy around live streaming or whatever fine Then, just at least start putting your thoughts out there every single day, so that's the first part now the second part of you know, getting that hope, your brand to be known is to get heard and heard is a little bit different than what people might teach you it's not just you speaking, although you speaking and you speaking on what you believe is important. It's really about this. Are Bird which is residence okay, which is residence And so so you're, posting everyday in some kind of way or you're putting yourself out there in some kind of way that makes you visible. But the next level is residence. So is what you're writing is. What you're speaking is. What you're talking to people about resonating and how do you resonate with the first step is knowing how to tell a better brand story so, meaning how do you tell your story in a way that bridges April solution to your audience in a way See that they're not just the leading in but they're trusting, what you're saying and they're starting to formulate for themselves well, I need that person because I can see myself in their story so residence has a lot to do with storytelling residence has a lot to do with understanding and seeking what your audience is looking for. So that you can speak the language of them residence is about speaking the language of them and then inviting them to your nation. I call it like each one Has a brand language for each one of us has mean people tell me all the time. I have jen kem isms right one of the things I say is repetition is the mother of mastery. One of the things that I say I'm not a spring chicken ima seasoned chicken which talks about my experience in the industry right so what are your insert your name. Is right that connect your brand story to your audience in a way that they go not only my seeing her consistently, but I'm resonating with her consistently because she's speaking to things that I need The third thing is we obviously want to get paid right. We wanna get paid but in order to get paid here's. What you need to get good at daily and that is the s word which is sales okay and so now there's, a difference between showing up everyday being visible being resident and then being salesy don't be salesy daily, but be thoughtful, that, at any point everyday, you are selling your Self meaning that it's not necessarily like everyday you're, hunting down people or telling people in your life streams buy from me buy from me buy from me. Nobody wants people like that right. Nobody wants. You know the people like that. However, you have to have the strategy in your mind that everything that you're seeing in here and everything you're asking me to see in here that there is an implied invitation to work with you or an implied invitation to connect with you, because when you make an offer, it doesn't, even have to be a paid offer, meaning you're constantly The enrolling people into doing what you want them to do. The best sales people are like that okay so imagine yourself, as a toddler. I'm gonna. Let you know my child's okay bye to my three year old son is the best enrollment expert that I know in fact, I take my cues from him he's. My coach in sales, let's put it that way and I want you to remember if you have children of your own remember them between the ages of two and pretty much got tune up right It's like every single time he's doing jedi mind tricks on me to get what you want. This morning in fact, he was like I wanna popsicle and my husband and I said to him you know we don't have popsicles in the morning. That's something you can have after dinner after you have dinner and he literally goes to the to the freezer and says this is possible right in here right now jesus and I'm like, I know that the popsicles are in there, but it's reserved for dinner time and he's like okay, but I really wanna possible and I'm like okay well, that's not gonna happen right now right and think of it. The audience is the parent right and you're. The toddler and and going into that I want you to in feel-good body in that toddler like bravery and energy around inviting people into what they really want right. I have to remember that what I'm scared to ask somebody for the sale or ask somebody to join my community by the way that's the sale so you can when you're inviting people into coming and you're jumping on your campus in your facebook group or your um asking people to hate to take a look at my new video series, whatever you're asking to That's a form of sales that's a form of enrollment and when you want, if you want to get paid you have to understand that there are steps inside of that it's not just like hey you found me now you should buy from you know if that happens that's awesome. I have people tell me know the minute that I found you jen. It was like I knew, I needed to work with you and that's great I'm glad because it tells me that I'm doing an okay job or better in the scene and heard part right, but it also means that I'm big Coming really good, it indicating how to enroll people into that way of thinking as well, and then, when we come, like-minded together, then it's a no brainer for people to want to work with me. So I want you to apply the word of the are word and the s word and every day I want you to put in a post and I'll put it right on your computer or your phone right and say you know how might be more visible today so I can get seen more how am I being more resident today so I can get heard more and how I might be better at sale It's enrollment it being like a toddler, a stubborn toddler who will take no for an answer to get paid more because when you get paid more than you get to do more right in your business, that's money is energy into your business to allow you to deliver more value. Okay doesn't mean you're, not valuable. It just means that you have more resources to deliver more of it and so, if you're interested, let It is it chopped that I'm obviously online, I do these live streams for free but the best place to learn how to use the viva are in the s word, more effectively. In your business and also be around like minded, focused individuals who are literally everyday being taught by me and my team. How to get this level of focus to create 678 figure brands, then you wanna come to brooklyn. We have a couple seats left literally less than seven seats. You guys before we are packed room in brooklyn New York, if you have not signed up any of you coming to New York, let those people know that they want to see you. There because this is what I'm gonna get into I'm gonna go through. How to do the vee. Do the are duty is more effectively, more authentically and more profitably than ever before. I want you guys to get in the moment of not just preparing for greatness but predicting greatness and so, if you're interested in that get on a plane train or automobile to seenheardpaidlive it's named that At, for a reason, so we can see you and help you in person because that's where all the magic happens. It always happens in person more than it does even over pixels so, pick persons over pixels okay. So I will see you in brooklyn share this video. If you think that the vee the are, is that I talked about today, can help support them and I'm gonna go often finish packing. My bags because I am back to back on coaching calls today I'll see you guys again soon, bye Buy

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