Recovery efforts are ramping up in the Bahamas as residents await government help after Hurricane Dorian | Facebook

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Hurricane Dorian has scarred the Bahamas and Bahamians forever. This man has lived there his entire life, but no longer even recognizes his backyard....
Washington Smith Smith to his friends no longer recognizes his backyard with the island where he's lived all his life Hurricane Dorian stalled out over the eastern end of Grand Bahama Island ravaging everything and everyone in its path door punched holes in concrete pour houses from their foundations and flung Smitty's 6000 pound humble through a Wall worse than the storms when he told us is the lack of government response Over a week now after the storm first hit the Bahamas Smitty like many people is running out of patients Grandma right now is dead is dead I know this make it a waste Let's make it a waste when the hateful the pod but all it is all it is happened in the East Grand Bahama and I haven't seen a government official yet to come to Savelle here is a bottle of water or to see Skiing on the damage dismissed home defies description a Wall of water crashed over this part of the island Smitty and his teenage daughter survived Many others did not This is the hole that Hurricane Dorian punched in the House of Washington Smith. I should say one of the holes tore off his roof said boards with nails flying at over a hundred miles an hour Through his House You go You see you see damage. You see how the shrapnel shredded the ceiling careful with this. You see a nail sticking board that came flying through Most frightening thing is you see where the water rose too all along here came up up higher and higher until here there's over 20 feet high and it stayed as high for 50 hours he said. It was 50 hours of pure torture Little aid has reached this area in many places The only road in is blocked for underwater As they wait for government assistance some residents like Marilyn Ling in the pound of High Rock have taken it upon themselves to organize a relief effort distributing supplies donated by friends and family staying busy she tells us it keeps her from reliving the horror of the storm I have no words to to say how bad maybe one in 10 houses one in 10 houses standing There is silence in his hearted towns The stench of death in the air as bodies are still being recovered US Coast Guard helicopters hovering low residents say usually means another victim of the storm has been found There has never been a storm like Dorian before here and from the 1960 - two, I write out every storm here in Bevan Stone Is it Would you write out the next Tell my daughter. I say when I hear a storm coming now by the help of the good Lord I'll pack up and get a spot to hell as I could from here Doreen has scared the Bahamas and Bahamians forever Patrick Altman CNN Grand Bahama Island

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