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Did all black people have the same childhood🧐

Carissa Kidd
Carissa Kidd4 months ago

Yes, we mostly had the same childhood. No, this is not what that said childhood looked like. 🤣🤣 Sorry sis, this was a miss.

Andrenée Fant Priest
Andrenée Fant Priest4 months ago

I can't relate

Necey Johnson
Necey Johnson4 months ago

That was not my childhood...... nor was it my child's childhood...

Angelina Blue Bradley
Angelina Blue Bradley4 months ago

Nope, can't relate.

April C. Washington
April C. Washington4 months ago

I had none of this…

Danielle Greer
Danielle Greer4 months ago

Dang, I aint never black enough. Lol.

My mama mixed, we aint have none of this.🤣🤣🤣

I was born in 93. 00s raised.

My auntie had the TV.
Some neighbors had the blanket.
Nobody i knew had the couch or the painting. That painting was from Good Times...

Sandra Gatlin
Sandra Gatlin4 months ago

We cleaning out my momma house and found 2 of the tvs in the garage and 2 of them blankets in blue, momma you was the upper "etcholawn "🤣 rip momma#

Tiffany Parker
Tiffany Parker4 months ago

Nope i had none of these growing up.

Cheronda Poston
Cheronda Poston4 months ago

She said, "Upper EshalawnT" and now I'm going to sleep🤣😂

Tyitric Barragan
Tyitric Barragan4 months ago

Cierra LaTrice Reed why she talk like you 🤣🤣🤣