Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Explains Donald Trump's Success

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Kevin O'Leary: "I was a socialist when I was 18 years old too. I was left wing. I got my first paycheck and I saw something called tax on it. Everybody's...

Posted 1 year ago

Dan Griffin 1 year ago

The host set their and told a bold face lie,. Trump IS NOT anti free speech, he's not anti free trade, he just wants it done fairly, without the United States of America being take advantage of, you guy is full of shit, that's is for me for Reasons magazine

Michael Cassells 1 year ago

I wonder where our economy would be right now sans the 4 bailouts that have occurred over the last 20 years. Or without the 25 trillion extra dollars that the government has spent.

Many in corporate America can say they were capitalist until they needed to be bailed out. Then they were socialists and then capitalist again which is what we are as a country.

There is a time and place for pure capitalism and there is a time and place for socialism, nether works without the other.

Kristian Sirinya Page 1 year ago

I guess I'd better brush up on my entertainment skills if I'm to become a great leader ;-) Knock, knock, who's there...

Javier Del Angel 1 year ago

When you are young, you're hook to social justice and progressive ideas. It's natural, who doesn't love being part of it? It's great, but then you eventually grow up out of it.. some don't

Daniel Malack 1 year ago

Donald Trump is ANTI Free speech? You cant get away with that!

Benjamin Anderson 1 year ago

Really good interview.

Creatur Brahman 1 year ago

How many effing times are you going to repost this! 馃槀馃槀

Rob Gerrard 1 year ago

Ugh whut?

Mike Currie 1 year ago

America is so terrified of communism that they wage war and destroy any country that wants to try it and brainwashes its citizens that the social democracy successfully practiced by most of the world is communism in disguise. Meanwhile, most of the world pays a bit more tax to educate, house and look after our citizens, even those who are poor and ensure they can get medical attention if they need it.

Rick Anderson 1 year ago

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