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Environmental activists Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate have spoken exclusively to Sky News about the impact of fame and why politicians need to think bigger on climate.

We take you behind the scenes of #Youth4Climate on the #WeeklyClimateShow

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Brian MacGabhann
Brian MacGabhann4 months ago

Now, the most important this when commenting here is to attack Greta and her motivations. Whatever you do don't dare to address any of the issues she is raising; in fact, don't even mention them. Just keep banging on about her age and anger, that way we can pretend that we are not facing an existential crisis and avoid tackling any of the hard tasks that need to be looked at.
Bury your head in the sand; whistle past the graveyard, and vent all of your frustrations and fears on an 18 year old girl. If you're lucky you'll be in the grave before the worst effects are felt, and you can leave it to your grandchildren try to pick up the pieces.

Diana Shaw
Diana Shaw4 months ago

Does she want Brits to live in mud huts again, and paint themselves with woad while worshipping at Stonehenge? Why doesn't SHE stay home and switch off her internet to say the planet?

Tracy Barnes
Tracy Barnes4 months ago

I agree that something has to be done about climate change but she just irritates. Her attitude stinks and
she just comes across as an obnoxious, snotty nosed, little brat.

Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor4 months ago

Give the girl a break with world in the state it's in we need all the help we can get

Klb Ark
Klb Ark4 months ago

Sorry, but I smile every time I see or hear of so called 'Climate activists'. yes I am a total skeptic. Skeptical especially in relation to WHO & HOW MUCH $$$'sis being shared out between them. The funny little girl is especially difficult to take seriously, I kinda feel sad for her, but she's been at it long enough now. & Im sure she knows the ropes very well. 😂

Veronica Baldwin
Veronica Baldwin4 months ago

how does she travel to all these conferences if she is so eco friendly.

Chris Nagel
Chris Nagel4 months ago

This is the correct way to get your message across, not by sitting in the middle of motorways.

Jason Sale
Jason Sale4 months ago

Tell greta and Vanessa to go tell China about the impact of pollution.

Vera May
Vera May4 months ago

I think Greta is Joe Biden’s niece,

Cindy Dawson
Cindy Dawson4 months ago

Very disappointing to give attention to this so called activist that is being controlled by the cult