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She said her name was “not interested” 😒 watch how quick she changed her mind 😂

Posted 1 month ago in Vehicles & Transportation

Raphael Mboga 1 month ago

Sometimes Nathaniel you forces your gold digger vibes down the throats of innocent ladies because you want to satisfy your ego and biz.What do you expect you meet a girl who doesn't know you.To throw herself at you immediately you say hi?Girls were born to play hard to get as man enjoys chasing?
I don't deny some are genuine gold diggers but some you belittle them to suit your interest.

D-Ray Garner 1 month ago

I know had to kick this girl out of your, but she was really fine!!!

Glenda Gipson 1 month ago

Swear she gave me Janet Jackson

Ellis Powell 1 month ago

She’s too cute to be out there gold digging

Bang Zie 1 month ago

She looks like janet jackson

Joe Barrera 1 month ago

Could fix the gap in her teeth though 🤣

Mamajang Jallow 1 month ago

Almost all the girls are hungry out there looking for food when u talk to them first they say "i'm not interested" please let them stop pretending while they really broke

Dårty Bïshøp 1 month ago

Maybe you told the man in the red car to drive around like 30 times