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“I think this was the best birthday I ever had.” Norma Gregorio didn’t let self-quarantine stop her from celebrating her 88th birthday.
Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me. Happy Birthday Dear Dear Dear Norma Norma Happy Happy birthday birthday to. to. to. It's my birthday today and I'm all alone because of the virus. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday. Dear Norma to to make make make a a a wish. wish wish wish. make make Make a a a wish. wish. wish. alright. alright. Are usually I'll go and visit her in her apartment and we'll celebrate me and my mom, my uncle and her will have a nice party with her, but we couldn't go. We didn't wanna go visit her and she didn't want any company, which is completely understandable. I was like how can I send her a cake? so I found a lot of cake made out of only flowers and I was like wow. This is beautiful. so it's like okay, okay, like like let let me me send send this this to to to her. her. her. It It It It was. was was was was a a a a surprise surprise. surprise. surprise. I I I looked looked looked at at at that. that that thing thing and and I I said. said. Is this, I said all I mean, let me thank them. I get the candles and I sang and I was close to them even though they were in here with the video, I felt that they were happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday. Dear Norma Happy birthday birthday. I thought it was the cutest thing. so I was like. wow like like this this is is a a really really really cute cute cute I I I posted posted posted and and and and I'm I'm I'm I'm thinking. thinking thinking thinking anything anything anything of of of it. it it and. and also. It blew up into something and yeah, we're all so surprised like we we weren't expecting it and every day I would like update her. I was like you have so many people who viewed your video and she's like no way how many and I'll say like 200000 and, she like couldn't grasp like how many people were watching her videos and now it's like nine million. I think just on top, I didn't even know what she was talking about as usual, he goes into often to tan with these apps and oops and Okay explain Who now you're famous? Yeah. I've always been famous. No. no no you're very famous now. you're sure why so because people are looking at you nine million people, I said. What do you mean to be looking at me? I do you're somebody you're a star. they woman. just I'm not a starter. Darling get it straight. straight. I'm I'm a a galaxy. galaxy. Do Do you you always always? have to look at? About things and I think that's what she was doing like she wasn't even doing it for the intent of people singing and she just wanted her family to see the video just saying how appreciative and how happy she was look at the gift that this pick up people gave me that it was that was the greatest greatest the greatest birthday gift that they could give me. I think this was the best birthday I ever had for the moment. The quarantine was not in this room was not in my kitchen. I was back to all my birthdays with everybody and with everybody's birthday, this is how it should be. We should not allow the team to take home.

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