Dog throws a tantrum when owner refuses to give him cuddles

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This dog REALLY wants some cuddles 馃ズ馃惗 via Jukin Media

Posted 4 months ago in Animals & Pets

Ashley Dawn 4 months ago

Bring him to me I would take all the cuddles and kisses he wants to give. Missing my boys cuddles who passed 2 and a half weeks ago

Dawnell Martin Wilson 3 months ago

This is EXACTLY what life is like with two pittie babies!! We have littermates and there is always a struggle for the snuggles!!!

Sharon Frazier 4 months ago

It is beautiful but I have 2 pups

Dendy Hamilton Dunsmoor 4 months ago

If you don鈥檛 want to cuddle him why do you have him!

Gloria Bohley 3 months ago

Awww had to watch it again he's so adorable.

Alice Jackson 4 months ago

Don't be mean to dogs they love y all the way uncalled for not in front of me love your dog 馃惗

Yvonne Wilson 3 months ago

It looks just like Steve to grandma up鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍

Omar Brooks 3 months ago

That dog made sure he got his point across

Kathy Kingston 3 months ago

She needs to learn how to handle them...with love and firmness.

Denise Beckman Monacel 3 months ago

He wants your love just wants up to cuddle too. Maybe lay on a bed with both everyone happy