Viki - After eating Zhao Yi Qin’s ice cream, Ding Yi Yi...

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After eating Zhao Yi Qin’s ice cream, Ding Yi Yi tried to deny her guilt but the evidence left on her lips was clearly too tempting for him to resist! 🍦💋😳

Will she ever overcome the shock of this sudden kiss? Find out by watching Sweet Sweet now, on Viki:

Nanci Low
Nanci Low4 months ago

His styling and character reminds me a lot of Song Wei Long here.

Naomi Wainaina
Naomi Wainaina4 months ago

How can she say no and there is ice cream on her lips 😂😂

ေခးေလးခ်စ္တ့ဲကို ကို
ေခးေလးခ်စ္တ့ဲကို ကို4 months ago


Rd Damdam Kalengta
Rd Damdam Kalengta3 months ago

Name of the drama

HinnPhy3 months ago


Marion Fuenzalida Lizama
Marion Fuenzalida Lizama3 months ago

Me encanto esta serie

Darling PC
Darling PC1 month ago

Dulce Dulce me guato 😍😘😘😘

Gopal Valand
Gopal Valand3 months ago

🙏🌹❤️🙏 Wow

Yong Boon Ping
Yong Boon Ping2 months ago


Abdi Simamora
Abdi Simamora4 months ago

Oh come on!
I wanna Watching full episode
Please upload new her vidios