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Davie504's bass and this Piano go strangely well together

Posted 4 months ago in Music & Audio

Ashley Vo 4 months ago

omg! I love Davie. This sounded so beautiful

Andrew Casey 3 months ago

I would love an album of just you two. That was SOOOO smooth.

Prôggles Pretžlëtzer 4 months ago

You can tell how easy this stuff is to play for Charles after playing the weirdest arrhythmic stabs along to people speaking. It must be so relaxing to actually have a 'feel' to play along to

Shaun David Poss 4 months ago

Love it. Follow both of y'all. That being said:

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Randy Tennison 4 months ago

Very nice. Two of my favorite YouTube musicians

Dan Harrald 4 months ago

Wow! Just amazing. Needed that musical fix.

Sophie SF 4 months ago