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We make time for others but don't make time for ourselves.
On September Six 1990 - one Brian Dickson gave a speech at Georgia Tech University. This is what he said imagine life as a game and what you're juggling five balls in the air, you can name them work, Family, health, friends and spirit, and you're keeping all of these things in the air. you you will will will soon soon soon understand understand understand understand that that that that work work work work work is is is is is like like like like a a a a rubber rubber rubber ball ball ball If If you drop. If you you drop drop it or But the other four balls, family, health, friends and spirit they're made of gloss if you drop them, there'll be scoffed damaged and potentially even shattered. they will never be the same again. Burnout is a risk that too many of us take burnout is when we listen to others and not our own body when we work hard for others without without thinking thinking of of ourselves ourselves when when we we give give in in to. to every. Else's demands but not our own minds and bodies needs We talk to others but not ourselves We make time for others but don't make time for ourselves. burnout means we outlaw on ourselves. We outdo ourselves we outperform ourselves, but not in a good way. testing your limits is good, but breaking breaking yourself yourself in in the the the process process process isn't isn't isn't worth. worth worth it. it the way. I know you're close to burnout is if everything starts to feel like a burden feels heavy and you start feeling frustrated at every little thing. burnout is when we go out when we want to stay in, we stay up late when we want to go to bed early a famous proverb States. you don't have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm. No one is thinking about you as much as you think they are Eleanor, Roosevelt said. Best You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realize how seldom they do. Jeff Foster teaches us. This is what he said the word depressed can be spoken as deep rest. We can choose to view depression, not as a mental illness, but as a state of deep rest, a spiritual exhaustion exhaustion that that we we we ended ended ended up up up up into. into into into when when when when we're we're we're we're depressed depressed. depressed depressed. press press down. down by the. Of default self, he continued the most of the mind made story of me. We long to stop pretending and express our truth to give voice to our secret loneliness our shame our broken hearts, boredom and brilliant rage. There is no shame in your exhaustion, he says. We're all exhausted slow down today. allow yourself to rest deeply and weep and breathe and begin again. he says it contains the seeds. New life There's so usually knows what to do to heal itself. He teaches us the challenge is to silence the ego. We can hear the song to our bodies if we stop the ego from drowning it out, we can hear the soul to our pain our silence. The mind burnout is when you're running and you just need to walk. It's when you're chasing and you just need to pause. It's It's when when you're you're you're driving driving driving and and and and you. you you you truly truly truly need need need to to to to drop. drop. drop. drop it's it's it. when when you're you're pushing pushing. when. to. Judges.

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