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The President, Nana Akufo-Addo, says the government will deliver three helicopters to the Ghana Police Service to boost its operations in November this year.

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One-Mr Josh
One-Mr Josh4 months ago

Tell me is there any president comparable to Akufo Addo? Never… he’s a doing president who has Ghana at heart. Thank You Mr President.❤️❤️❤️

Ben Dadzie
Ben Dadzie4 months ago

Preparing the minds of Ghanaians to accept his new présidential jet. Smhd!

Alidu Ibrahim
Alidu Ibrahim4 months ago

This president is insensitive to the plight of the ordinary citizens.

Nasamu Sadik
Nasamu Sadik4 months ago

Dis man can lie 😂
I will do dis
I will do that
Every bay

Kris Mean
Kris Mean4 months ago

He is only doing that on the basis to protect himself and power
Note:my uncle Mamady Doumbouya didn't go with an aircraft tho,but he succeeded 🤣😂

Erico Koffy
Erico Koffy4 months ago

Another avenue to loot the state coffers. Hmm God help Ghana 🇬🇭 my motherland

Michael Keane
Michael Keane4 months ago

Every day he makes a promise so does the country has a policy at all

Nana Kofi
Nana Kofi4 months ago

God bless you Addo show boy for retooling our men in black.. You do all.
Well come to Kumasi..

Ebenezer Akuamoah
Ebenezer Akuamoah4 months ago

The IGP will assign one for himself, the remaining 2 for his duties and the police service

Kwaku Gideon
Kwaku Gideon4 months ago

I don't see this as a promise,from his speech it's something ongoing,he mentioned on the almost completed helicopters [email protected] national police training school and 6 police officers who have completed their their training as pilots in south Africa