India Today - Fully vaccinated Indians face quarantine in...

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Fully vaccinated Indians face quarantine in UK
#Newstrack Rahul Kanwal

Praveen Jingade
Praveen Jingade4 months ago

Reciprocate same in Bharat . travellers from UK, what this colonial mind set of British thinking of. It's same vaccine which UK recived from Bharat& munufactured in Bharat. What stupidity of UK policy makers it is ??, Just Bharat give dead line to sort out or same will apply to so called this British mind set....

Sherab Negi
Sherab Negi4 months ago

Why this discrimination.

Elizabeth Udoudo
Elizabeth Udoudo4 months ago

Why does everything have to be about race or racism. The UK is asking everyone coming into their country to quarantine, not only Indians.

Sony Dominic
Sony Dominic4 months ago

Failed fake Deplomacy

Umair Janjua
Umair Janjua4 months ago

Blame it on Pakistan too 😂 🇮🇳

Santosh Dubey
Santosh Dubey4 months ago

This is unacceptable. We also should ask for British citizens.

Joseph Mathews
Joseph Mathews4 months ago

Influence of modiji namo again

Partha Roy
Partha Roy4 months ago

British rule!