Goodful - An accident left him with just two fully working...

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An accident left him with just two fully working legs, but that’s not slowing down this resilient pup! Follow Dexter ( for more!

Rachael Van Etten
Rachael Van Etten4 months ago

Omg that is so funny and adorable! Most tripods will still use 3/4 legs but he just decided that wasn't good enough and went down to two! So cute!

La Grady
La Grady4 months ago

This is cruel and torturous and gives people ideas on how not to treat dogs.

Josephine Chu
Josephine Chu4 months ago

Vet said it actually damage the spinal of the dog! Some cannot even walk when they getting older.

Ingelore Bury
Ingelore Bury4 months ago

stop posting such rubbish videos. no dog would voluntarily walk upright.

Lynette Stowell
Lynette Stowell4 months ago

What a wonderful dog. Bless you Dexrer. Thankyou for your love and care of him. He is amazing. Much love to you all xxxooo

Jack Stoppani
Jack Stoppani4 months ago

Brontë Jepson-Stoppani olive trying to convince us to feed her people food

Jessica Mello
Jessica Mello4 months ago

Please please weigh down the wheelchair device so he is able to stay down- this is not good for his body. 🙁

Tina Jose-Yanuska
Tina Jose-Yanuska4 months ago

Charina Avila Opinion sa susunod ganito na maglakad si Toby 😂